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  1. Hey Guys, I'm quite stuck on how to write my introduction for the extended essay. The thing is that now, since we don't need the abstract, I'm wondering what words I can use to link or relate the methods and content that will be discussed in the essay with the research question. My art supervisor somehow cannot access the think IB web therefore I don't have access to any guide or sample EE. Does anyone know or have a link to a recent arts Extended essay? Thnx Kind Regards AZ
  2. I NEED HELP AND VERY GOOD IDEAS Every year, the DP students are encouraged to participate in business week, which is a week where we sell products. Before this year, students were able to sell food but this year they have changed the rules a bit. Now we have to sell actual products that we have ti make ourselves and before we sell, we have to pitch to the investors (legitimately) and try and get investment (debt). The product that will be invested on must last one week, and it has to be only one product, through out 5 days. Down side Our school has a diminutive amount of students The market is small and restricted (only teachers and students) We cant sell food Up side Pitching prepares us for the future Real life experience of business Ideas Our group came up with the idea of car wash but i think that the market is very limited if we do the car wash. Selling bracelets with tags which you can buy, write a note and we can deliver it to e.g. crush/ best friend/ fr-enemy If you have any ideas, please help me!!! The pitching is this week Thursday....
  3. I will try to be collaborative despite the fact that I'm pretty bad at collaboration. Thank you Amina13 Ari
  4. Thank you, will do, especially the research.
  5. Thanks Richard, I'm taking HL art and Studies so your post helped me a lot, Ill try and present myself well to uni's, and hopefully I'll interest them. And your IB results on you signature preferences are good, congrats. Thank you so much!!!
  6. Thank you so much, and about the 2016 November exams, it was for year 11, on screen exam. There's this thing where half of the IB schools in the world seat their test around March or June, and the other half seats their's on November. Thanks again, much appreciated. Congrats on you IB results, its pretty good.
  7. Anyone got any great tips for MUN...?
  8. ari_zuchinni


    Does anyone know which level of maths is required for a undergraduate degree in Graphic design? (Generally, because I know that it depends on the universities but I'm not sure where to go yet so) .....nervous about DP..this year
  9. It's all goods, I understand the stress, man, IB is hard, but good.
  10. hahaha Yeah Math is so..confusing. Funny thing tho, even though the formulas were given, some of us..including me..couldn't use it properly.
  11. No, there isn't any e- exams for Diploma, so you can relax. This e-exams are for this year's yr 11's cause we are the first to try out this new curriculum.
  12. This is supposed to be a discussion and I wasn't arguing like you opposed. I just gave my my opinion about Trump winning. And you are right that I didn't get my facts right, cause I never follow up on news or information about the US election. Cause I ain't American, I live in the south pacific. I just made this content cause Trump happens to be an interesting topic that I want to know more about, even if I ain't American. Thanks Rey for correcting my mistakes.
  13. I think that America should probably give Trump a chance.Everyone on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and everywhere else on the internet are cussing about trump and talking bad things about him. Despite the fact that Trump is racist and discriminates other religions and people in general, he also doesn't pay his taxes, he slept with many of his students, but maybe he can make America great again or maybe he can start world war three, the point is that we never really know what's going to happen. Trump won presidency, majority of America chose him and about a month and a half from now, America is going to change. It's a shame that the presidency came upon these two people, Trump and Hilary, it's like choosing dumb or dumber. hehehe
  14. What do you guys think about Donald Trump winning?
  15. E- exams are like this new curriculum this year, its basically sitting an exams on - screen instead of paper and it is prepared and marked by the IB. BTW I'm in Fiji, in the south pacific and the year level is up till year 13, and year 13 is like the first year of university. And some people made this campaign for the math sample paper for the on screen exams (e- exams) that the IB schools received. And the topics were given by our math teacher and he no one, even the teachers know the look of the actual paper, but our teacher just gave us the topics in math that we learned from year 10 and this year, yr 11. And in our school we only have SL in MYP but when we reach DP we can choose either to do HL, SL or studies.
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