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  1. Pretty sure it's this one: IB French B: Skills and Practice: Oxford IB Diploma Program
  2. If the graphic is really important for the understanding of the text then I would put it in the body, but if not then in the appendix. You can always just refer to it instead of putting it in the body if it's not necessary. This is just what I was told/would do.
  3. For an extended essay in A languages there are 3 categories and the study of language would fall under category 3. I dont't know if you've read the extended essay guide (you can easily find it online) but if you go to the section for Group 1 then there will be more detail on what is expected of a language A category 3 essay. At this point I think your question is too general and should be narrowed down. Good luck!
  4. Just remember though, in the case of German universities like Heidelberg your diploma needs to fulfill certain requirements. I think the Netherlands also has some good medicine programs, though they may be partially in Dutch.
  5. Also, if you do anything outside of school already see if maybe you can earn money there. For example, I do skating and also coach beginners 1/week which I get paid a little for.
  6. I take self-taught and at my school you're kind of on your own. We have a teacher to supervise us and make sure we hand the stuff for our diploma and there is the option to get some teacher via some ib network. Self-taught should be no problem if you're Arabic skills are good, but if not then it might not be the wisest choice...