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  1. Is there anyone here who is good at doing ANOVA? If so please PM me because I really dont know if ive done it right in my biology and chemistry ia's! General feedback on my ia's would also be nice
  2. Hi, second year IB student here who takes psychology HL. I just recently got my draft back from my teacher, with a quite low score. Is there anyone here who knows what they are doing, who would be willing to read over my fixed version and tell me what they think? Please PM me if you can God do I hate the one draft policy...
  3. Hello, I have decided to do a poem for my IOP since it seems like the easiest option, but I really don't know which one I should do. Does anyone have any suggestions for good poems? I would also appreciate suggestions regarding presentation ideas for Wide Sargasso Sea or Zoo Story!
  4. Thank you all for your answers! It means a lot
  5. Hello, First year chemistry SL student here. I am struggling a lot with this subject, so I was wondering how all of you chem geniuses study? Any useful links would be much appreciated!
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