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  1. Meme Lord 8000

    Maths IA topic help

    Hey, Assuming you're looking into a correlation IA I have a couple of suggestions. Not sure if you'd be interested but you could investigate the relationship between a country's reliance on agricultural exports as a percentage of trade revenue with their Gross Domestic Product or GDP per capita. This information should be readily available for developed countries a substantial amount of developing countries. That's probably not what you meant when you said 'food' but it could yield some interesting results, especially for developing countries if you can get your hands on the data. Alternatively you could look at the relationship between the amount of sugar/fat/protein in a food/drink (as a percentage of its weight) and compare this with the price for that weight. Could give some insight into obesity and global health trends, but I feel it could be overlooking a lot of other variables. Just some ideas, feel free to reject them if they're horrible or you don't think they'd be appropriate (I don't do Math Studies so I'm not 100% familiar with the requirements, Hope that helps
  2. Meme Lord 8000

    Physics SL Options

    Hi all, I've been looking at the grade boundaries for IB Physics and have noticed their is no distinction between grade boundaries for different options (relativity, astrophysics etc...) in paper three. Does anybody know why this is, considering there are distinctions made between options for Mathematics HL which 'level' the playing field if one option was easier/harder than another. In this vain I'm thinking that it would be advantageous to go for astrophysics as it is by and large considered the easiest topic, however it'd be great to hear from people's past experiences of the options (the SL components preferably since I'm taking SL Phys). The class teacher is fairly stringent in her choice of relativity as an option, which I believe is thought to be more difficult, so would it be feasible to study Astro by myself (I'm on a mid 7 currently so am fairly competent)? Thanks,
  3. Meme Lord 8000

    Biology SL vs Physics SL (which one is harder)

    Hey In my opinion it's not as hard as it's made out to be. I'm sitting on a comfortable 7 now. I'd already finished Australia's final school exams for Math before starting IB so was familiar with the topics in advance. I feel exams are comprised mostly of straightforwards questions similar to whats taught in class so if you know your stuff free marks, but there are always a couple tricky ones that seem out of left field. Key is to not panic, draw diagrams and draw connections to what you're familiar with. If you haven't made any progress after around 2 minutes looking at it skip it and come back. As long as you pay attention in class and consistently do past paper problems set by the IB (ideally every night for about an hour) you'll be good. All the best
  4. Meme Lord 8000

    Biology SL vs Physics SL (which one is harder)

    Hey In my opinion a strong mathematics background doesn't always correlate to ability in physics. I'm doing Math HL and have always been very strong at maths, but I find physics to be quite difficult at times even at SL level. Friends who take Biology SL say its not particularly challenging, so I'd go for biology if I was in your position. Definitely not true, there's a reason why grade boundaries for 7s are between 70-80 for most subjects. All the best for your IB journey
  5. Meme Lord 8000

    Should I take Physics HL or English L&L HL?

    I do Math HL, English HL and Physics SL I am very strong in maths, and slightly less so in english (but still at the top of my cohort). If that is the case for you (strong in both) I would suggest doing HL English (I'm assuming Lit) and SL Physics. This is because I don't think there is a significant difference between HL and SL English (guiding questions for commentary, slightly easier marking), whereas HL physics will require you to learn more concepts and execute questions of a higher calibre. **Remember this is if you are strong at both. If you don't enjoy the lateral thinking of poetry analysis and essay writing, then I would recommend doing Physics HL. Sidenote: A lot of people who take HL English aren't that strong at English (90% of my cohort take it), whereas those taking HL physics are usually very good at maths and may have done some physics before. This consideration definitely swayed me.
  6. Meme Lord 8000

    Hardest Topic in IB Physics SL

    Hey guys and girls Just wanted to get some opinions on what everyone thinks are the hardest topics within the SL Core in Physics Topics are 1 - Measurement and Uncertainties 2 - Mechanics 3 - Thermal physics 4 -Waves 5 - Electricity and Magnetism 6 - Circular Motion and Gravitation 7 - Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics 8 - Energy Production Cheers

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