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  1. niceperson91

    Help IB English A1 HL

    Hey guys, I will soon be giving my IB English HL oral. A passage from Hamlet might appear and I just needed all your suggestions in pointing out the most important passages from Hamlet. Thank you all.
  2. I have finished my CAS hours already in my first year. I was just wondering: how many hours of CAS do you guys need because we have to finish at least 150 hrs!!
  3. niceperson91

    Physics EE help

    Hey guys, Since I am just starting my EE process, I would like help from all of you. I am doing my EE on Physics (i am in physics HL), and I cannot decide what topic to choose. So, can someone list down mutiple suggestions on what topic/question I should do. You can tell me what your friends have done or recommend me any new topic worth exploring. Thanks P.S: my teacher recommended me to do it on sound and temperature, however, I want to hear some other interesting topics before I make a final choice.
  4. niceperson91

    How many people in your Maths class?

    In my math HL1 class, we have about 15 students out of which 11 are koreans And in the other SL1 class, there are about 18 students.
  5. niceperson91

    Theory of Knowledge: The Verdict

    We watched "The Matrix." I was actually shocked to see how much this movie was connected to TOK. Eventhough i had watched it before, I found it to be more interesting when i watched it in our TOK class. However, we had to write reflections, articles etc about the movie.
  6. niceperson91

    how important are school grades?

    SATs and the ACTs are both very similar tests as they are both used heavily for university entrance. SAT is out of 2400 as you might know but on the other hand, ACT is out of 32. I think that the only difference between the two tests is that ACT has an extra section and it also has a science section which SAT I do not have. From what I have heard, SATs are more popular for university entrance but i think almost all universities accept either scores.
  7. niceperson91

    Language B Individual Orals

    hey for my french B SL1, i did my oral on discrimination against women in football/sports in france. the teacher asked me some difficult questions relating to women and all other fields. i am so glad that it is over.
  8. niceperson91

    Extended Essay

    Hey, i am doing my EE on physics but I know several students in my class who are doing theirs on Maths. Some one is explaining the math behind the chaos theory. I think it has a lot of physical and practical applications of math. Maybe you could take a look at it. Hope it helps...
  9. niceperson91

    IB English Oral - Please help!

    Of course, it is an informal one because i am posting it on the forum and then asking for suggestions. How could it possibly be a formal one? I mean that is done on the spot, so how can I post it up for couple of days? Anyways... any suggests????
  10. niceperson91

    How to Study for Physics? Textbooks, Resources and Tips?

    Hey, you can try: http://bcs.wiley.com/he-bcs/Books?action=i...&bcsId=1346 Its a great website for physics and if you are actually lookin for some hard problems: i think it would satisfy you....Thanks
  11. niceperson91

    MIT or engineering university

    Hey, why do you say so because i mean look at your grades predicted below....it seems like you are not taking the IB diploma but instead, you are taking 7 IB courses and all of them have a 7 except 1 which is 6......so, i shouldn't worry too much and make sure to get those grades for real. By the way, what did you got on your SAT I and SATII (if you have taken it) because it is also an important factor and then, nothing can stop you.... So, good luck !
  12. niceperson91

    IB English Oral - Please help!

    Can someone please help me to choose a topic for my IB English A1 HL Oral.......I am doing on a book called "The Great Gatsby." So, if anyone has anymore interesting topics from this book....please please tell me and if possible, please tell me where to find relevant resources. If anyone of you have done an oral on The Great Gatsby before, please put it up, so I can see where to start as it is my first IB Oral!!! I would really appreciate your help. Thank you,
  13. niceperson91

    How to Study for Physics? Textbooks, Resources and Tips?

    We dont really use the IB physics book as well because our teacher thinks it is not good enough.....so we do topics from different books and he usually gives us practice problem
  14. niceperson91

    Which Maths HL Option do you do?

    Its true....teachers always choose most of them for us because the syllabus overlaps and we have a better chance to get higher score but i seriously think that there should be more freedom to choose but it might not be practical for everyone.....
  15. niceperson91

    Anti-Procrastination Methods

    I agree, i always just finish the assignment i am at and then take a break (eat a snack, walk around). But once i start something, i have to finish it to take a break......work for me!!!!

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