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  1. Hi, So I'm a year 11 currently deciding his IB choices. I'm sure on all subjects besides economics and physics. I am thinking of doing a bachelor of science when I go to university, So my current HL is chemistry and Chinese, but I'm unsure on economics and physics. I like both just as much, I want to do science in university but also economics for a plan B. I can take both at HL because the chinese choice allows me to. So what you guys recommend?
  2. Well, I have done some research about this and so far it varies depending on the university, some require 2 HL sciences, some 1 HL and some even SL is good enough. I live in HK and the universities in HK only require 1 HL science at most. I would like to take 2 HL sciences for safety but I fear the workload would be too much for me and even if I do, I might not even get a high grade and I would prefer to stay in HK for university. So what would you recommend me to do?
  3. What about courses like physics and chemistry in university?
  4. I wanted to ask are there any university courses/universities that require you to study 2 HL sciences, and the 2 sciences I'm considering taking is physics and chemistry and in university something related to those science subjects.