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  1. Hm, do you get a mark scheme after you've had a test in order to look at the correct answer if you've written something wrong? If you do, then I guess you can try to figure out your own flaws by comparing your answer to the correct answer, since she doesn't seem like she wants to help you at all. If you don't, then you could maybe ask for one? Are you dependent on your predicted or final grades in the countries you want to apply to? In Sweden they'll only look at the final grades when you apply, while I know that in the US you apply with you predicted grades at first. If you're not dependent on your predicted grades, you could maybe work on biology yourself and try to score high on the real exam instead.
  2. To study more efficiently and do more past paper. Past papers are EVERYTHING. And I would not have spent so much time writing my own notes, as I didn't learn from it as I was telling myself. I would've instead studied e.g. biology from different sources (like the book, ib.bioninja.com, etc.) to save time since time is also everything
  3. If the art teacher is on board, then your IB coordinator would most likely be fine with it as well. But no problem, hope it works out for you!
  4. Eyyy Norge But hm... I don't even think my school would let anyone do that in IB2, but I'm not sure. I know it's easier to change level on the subject, but it might be more difficult for you to change the subject itself this late. I would probably talk to the art teacher if I were you and ask whether he/she thinks it's a good idea. It also depends on how committed you are to catch up, but it seems like you are okay with working a bit harder.
  5. Try to figure out what you're interested in and go from there. I thought freedom of speech was interesting, so I discussed to what extent anonymity on places like the Deep Web is considered acceptable even though it might cause a moral dilemma. If you search for some ideas on Google or look through the TOK guide, I'm sure you can find something
  6. Ahh, option B seemed interesting, but I picked D. A lot of students in my class also thought paper 1 was more difficult than paper 2, but I actually thought paper 1 went even better than paper 2.
  7. I'm a SL student in TZ2, just to be clear I found both paper 1 and 2 quite easy, however, the option was a bit more difficult.
  8. To be honest, I found it difficult... I'm not sure whether it's just a feeling or if it actually didn't go well. Many of my classmates felt the same way as me, so there are at least some people that also found it hard
  9. Haha, I read this in a Swedish accent just because I saw that you're from Sweden Anyway. My math teacher helped me very little with my math IA, so I was sort of in the same situation as you are. One of my friends was also under the same circumstance, so we exchanged the IA and corrected each others according to the criteria which you can find online. That's my only suggestion, because there's otherwise not much you can do.
  10. Hm, I believe calculations are a vital part of the IA, or at least my teacher put weight into it. Even though your data points failed you, it's still possible to include calculations albeit they don't show anything. You could construct a good conclusion with reasons to why it didn't work and why the calculations were not of significance. Maybe the seeds were not functional, thus, the calculations did not have adequate data? One last option – probably an awful one – is to make up data points. In my (personal) opinion, the essay itself and the evaluation are the most essential parts and not the experiment. I don't know how the IB is reasoning though, but I don't believe they would find out or care about it. However, I would go with the earlier suggestion.
  11. What have you done so far? Maybe you could "sneak in" some artifact into what you've already done? It's not always necessary to bring in new parts, but it actually could be better to work with what you have. Nonetheless, it all depends on what you've got to work with
  12. I have many friends that dropped down to math studies after the first year, and they're doing much better now. Thus, there's always that possibility. However, I agree with what kw0573 says and I think you simply need to practice more math. Redo all the questions you've failed after the tests and do a lot of exam questions. I used to struggle in math SL as well, but I eventually got a hang of how the IB wants me to answer questions. Hope you'll find a way to improve, good luck!
  13. It sounds like you have a strong passion for chemistry, which would benefit you while writing the Extended Essay. However, I do believe that the EE could help you improve your writing skills in history, since you have to spend so much time with it. I wrote mine in psychology, in which my teacher had predicted a 6 as a final grade for me. Now when I've written it though, I feel like I've achieved a broader understanding in how to construct an essay from a psychological perspective. But it's up to you, it might be easier and less time consuming to write it in chemistry. You appear to be a very driven person, therefore I think you will succeed in whichever subject you choose. Good luck
  14. licia

    Child labour

    Is this the topic of your Extended Essay and want to initiate some form of discussion, or what are you trying to get out of this post?
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