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  1. SC2Player

    Sample Math IA

    Sample Math IA View File Sample Math IA. I'll add the moderated mark sometime. Submitter SC2Player Submitted 01/14/2018 Category Sample HL Internal Assessments  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Sample Math IA. I'll add the moderated mark sometime.
  3. SC2Player

    Physics IA

    Physics IA View File My Physics IA, which was marked 20/24. Good for a comparison (remember, it's not perfect). Honestly, you don't need to have anywhere near as much detail, and it's always best to keep things concise where possible. I probably could've cut out a fair portion, in retrospect, without losing any marks. Submitter SC2Player Submitted 01/14/2018 Category Physics  
  4. SC2Player

    Physics IA

    Version 1.0.0


    Sample Physics IA. Good for a comparison (it's not perfect). Will update with moderated mark soon-ish. Honestly, you don't need to have anywhere near as much detail, and it's always best to keep things concise where possible. I probably could've cut out a fair portion, in retrospect, without losing any marks.
  5. They can be purchased from the IBO, or alternatively you can search online (e.g. IBO subreddit). There aren't topic-based past papers, but the IB Question Banks should suffice for that. You could also just pick problems you know from past papers.
  6. That should be fine, as long as you don't copy her EE word-for-word and show your own personal input.
  7. I myself started a Further math 'class' (a weird one-person 'class') at my school simply by asking my math teacher and showing that I had the ability to undertake such a course. We also have had many students in the past teaching themselves languages and other subjects not offered at our school. In each case, our librarian (not an IB teacher) would look after such students, who learned the material from other sources (not necessarily online IB teachers), so I don't think you even need an IB qualified teacher (although don't quote me on this, and it would definitely help a lot to have one). With that said, my school is pretty accommodating in regards to such requests, and I'm not too sure about your school's policies. If they say no, I'm afraid you may have to comply.
  8. Djikstra's algorithm alone is not really enough for a math IA - it only covers about a page or so as a mostly standalone topic in the Discrete option. There are quite a few nice extensions from it though, so it could be a good starting point. Your mentioned topic on shortest paths could be a nice extension (travelling salesman and methods of solving it).
  9. Haese is what I used, and is useful as a starting point (it provides more details on problems), but you'd really want to start on some past paper questions to get a proper feel for the IB exams. There's no need to actually leave doing them until just before the exams. Try doing a few questions a day from old past papers (the syllabus hasn't changed that much over the years as far as I know). You can leave some of the more recent ones as mocks in the few months before the exams.
  10. Er a bit late for Nov 2017...
  11. It would be nice if you could take Further math if you're applying for pure math, especially at Oxbridge, but realistically it probably doesn't matter that much, as most schools don't offer it in the first place. Math HL is mostly sufficient (and the most important thing) for both CS and pure math (check their website for specifics). Read more math books too, and don't be afraid to jump out the syllabus. You probably need to take the MAT test too. Most of the requirements are on their website though - as @TheMagical7 said, do some research or contact the university directly.
  12. If your predicted grades are what determine your success in applying to university, then it would be worthwhile to attempt to raise your predicted marks, although be careful not to look like you're begging for marks. If your success is based off your final IB marks, then I'd say it's probably not worth it, and just do your best to exceed your predicted. With Physics, maybe you could look at the marks that you obtained for the SL-only subjects, and use that as a sort of basis to justify why you would perform better in physics SL compared to HL. If you obtained high marks for the SL content, then it would make your position quite a bit stronger. Your situation with Business SL is plausible, I'd say. With English B, if your only 6 (and a high one too) is in the mocks, then it's worth it to attempt to shift it to a 7, especially if you have evidence that your mock exams were of lower quality than usual. Grade boundary issues are kind of iffy, because they can shift quite a bit, and it's always safest to choose the highest one for the predicted marks, so I'd say that it's not that relevant. I doubt that you can actually get a predicted for the bonus with only a ToK essay - your EE would need to be finalized first. Overall, I'd say that you should try to find more concrete evidence that you can do better than you did in your mocks.
  13. @ABKor752 put it pretty well in terms of considerations - I have a bit more regarding AYP specifically. Our school made it pretty much mandatory to do AYP Bronze for some reason in Grade 9 - I have no clue how helpful it is really for university (nor where my AYP booklet thingy is either; I probably should find it). Anyways, I have some experience on the matter. Are you attempting to gain bronze, silver, and gold in the two years of IB? Honestly, I'd say that's going to be quite difficult (lots of service hours, 3 expeditions + planning, and the physical recreation bit is quite a lot too). Bronze was already quite time-consuming for me, and that's considering that our school planned our expeditions, ensuring that no lessons clashed by giving the whole grade a free week. Maybe consider doing only bronze, or just bronze and silver; depends on your time and motivation really. With that said, however, you could look into whether or not you could tie together the AYP hours with CAS hours. I do know a lot of people at my school used AYP activities as CAS activities when going for silver or gold, so you could end up effectively doing two things at once with your hours. The residential project for gold may even be a good CAS project. The only thing that probably doesn't count as CAS is the expedition (although you might be able to make it as a CAS project too, if you did enough independent planning). Ask your CAS coordinator on this.
  14. Also, just a quick tip - try searching Wikipedia or WolframAlpha for initial ideas. While the former isn't good for citations and the latter can get quite technical very rapidly, they're good as starting points.
  15. I also agree with your teacher's advice; it is very easy to get confused if you're doing multiple topics simultaneously. I found it best to focus on each topic individually, and perhaps sometimes set a day or two for review of one past topic every now and then so you don't forget. Past papers are always great, as @Martijn.S mentioned, and you shouldn't wait until the end to start doing them - there are more than enough past papers online to practice with, especially for maths, which doesn't really have any major syllabus changes usually.
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