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  1. I'd suggest you do your best to wrap the string around the pole at the same point, but of course it's impossible to do it at the exact same place. Try to find out how much error this results in. Keep in mind that your main goal is to have results that can be discussed. Even if the data looks bad, with huge error bars and results all over the place, if you have a good analysis discussion your IA can still go well.
  2. Take a look at the sections related to rates of reaction - calculus can be used to extend some of the ideas further. There's also a relationship between chemistry and group theory, but this is dealing with relatively advanced math for high school level, so I don't know if it's a good idea.
  3. Part a) Let the sum of the first n terms be Sn, so Sn = (3n2 + 5n)/2. The nth term of a sequence is Sn - Sn-1 (can you figure out why?). Simplify the expression to obtain the nth term. I'm assuming that you can figure out part b) after you figure out part a), as it just relies on the definition of what is an arithmetic sequence.
  4. Sent you a PM @cutifiedwaffles
  5. To be very, very, VERY careful with choosing an EE topic. My supervisor placed a bit too much emphasis on the topic needing to be 'almost new' - I probably took it too literally and crafted a topic that actually was completely new. Great for my PhD. Not so great for EE.
  6. Chem HL is more important than Bio HL, from what I've heard - many universities such as CUHK, HKU, and UNSW require Chem HL for medicine, but not Bio HL (or even Bio in the first place - people have gotten in with doing Chem HL and Physics HL too). Of course, it's best to take both Chem HL and Bio HL if possible, seeing that they're related to medicine. Also, I think that Math SL is better for medicine compared to Studies, although it does depend where you're going. If it's highly competitive, then the best course combination would probably be Chem HL + Bio HL + Math SL. If it's not so competitive, you can sacrifice Bio HL for SL and/or Math SL for Studies (check the requirements on the websites for the unis you want to apply to).
  7. Is this a practice SAQ/LAQ on the core topics (i.e. the LOAs)? If so, I'm willing to take a look at your essay and give you some feedback. If it's one of the options then I'm afraid I won't be much help.
  8. Well, I play Starcraft 2, as noted by my username. The community is quite a lot better than DotA I have to say, but the game is also significantly more demanding IMO (effing micromanagement). What's Heroes of Newerth like? I've heard that it's supposedly 'harder' than DotA (which in turn is supposedly harder than LoL because of denying and stuff). And yeah, gaming serves as good relaxing technique.
  9. Generally you should be careful when using online plagiarism checkers - the safest ones are the ones that explicitly state that they don't store files or writing. Mind you, this is only what they claim - it is possible that they also store information without your knowledge. If you haven't copied any pieces of text verbatim and cite sources properly, you should be fine in most cases, and probably don't need a checker. The following page may be useful:
  10. By the way, this month's May, and today's the day the haystack sways, so stay the blades that may slay the horse that neighs.
  11. Just like to add that Torricelli's law is a good extension - it's a nice, simple application of Bernoulli's law in reality.
  12. AFAIK HKU, CUHK, and HKUST do not require chemistry HL for electrical engineering (probably only for chemical engineering, and even then I don't know if you need chemistry HL). As Teemo pointed out, HK universities often put quite a large emphasis on marks, although for engineering it's nowhere near as strict as, say, business or medicine. Generally you'd need a score of about 35-36 to be considered. Just like to add that HKUST seems to offer the best facilities out of the three - I've been to CUHK for some summer courses, and their science and engineering departments have been kind of squashed by the medicine department. My dad is a professor at HKUST, and from what I've seen the labs and overall facilities are quite a bit better (mostly shinier stuff, although the humidity can wreak havoc). Can't say much on HKU (only been to the open days), but their engineering department seems quite small.
  13. Math HL opens more options compared to French HL, so I can see why your teachers recommend that you choose math HL. It's highly useful when applying for math intensive courses like engineering and finance. If you want to keep your options open, then it's a good idea to choose math HL. With that said, it's dependent on whether or not you find the course to be suitable for you. Math HL has a reputation for being quite difficult, and it's a good idea to do some research on what the course may entail. Search online for the math HL syllabus, as well as pre-requisite knowledge, and you should be able to make a good judgement for yourself.
  14. To anyone who did the FM examinations this year (if anyone here did do them), how were they?
  15. As far as I know, yes. It's the one used by my teachers