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  1. Hey nice to see more people from Bahrain on here. Coincidentally I'm planning on studying computer engineering at uni too. I'm taking Computer science HL, Physics SL, Math studies SL(Math SL wouldve been a better choice too late now though). I study at ARKIS and we must take our B language as an HL course. So i took English A SL and Arabic B HL. Problem #1 I can't give much input here since I don't know alot about this, but If you have a bahraini nationality you probably don't need to worry about needing a bilingual diploma. From my and my friends experience English A is easier but pick whichever language you find easier as your A language. Problem #2 If you are somewhat tech savy which I assume you are if you are interested in computer engineering, then I suggest taking ITGS it's pretty easy just a bunch of writing. The course itself doesn't teach you much (Computer Science is more technical and you go more in depth also less writing). The Internal assessment project is pretty time consuming compared to other subjects like physics. I honestly wish I took economics instead of ITGS purely because I feel like I've wasted 2 years and learnt nothing from the course. Problem #3 As far as I know you won't need chemistry to study computer engineering. I suggest you take Computer science it'll save you time in college, especially if you learn java while doing the course. There's two ways to approach subject choice that I've seen. 1- Commit to a major/field of study e.g- engineering-physics-medicine etc. 2-Keep your subject choices as diverse as possible so you have as many choices as possible in uni, this is nice if you aren't ready to commit or don't know what you want to study in uni. Anyways good luck feel free to ask if you have any questions or pm me
  2. Our school told us to never mention our name on any IA's or essays and to keep it completely anonymous.
  3. I'm not going to be dishonest and I never have, most of my teachers (including my ITGS teacher) are fine with fake clients as long as the project meets the criteria. My client is out of town but they gave permission to film in the offices without them so I should be fine. I accepted that it's now impossible to meet my school deadlines with quality work and this will probably piss off my teachers but I'd rather submit something a bit late knowing that it's of good quality. Thanks for replying
  4. Im literally so stressed right now, I have so much to do and all ive been doing is procastinate and not make proper use of the time I actually spend working. I work on something and go off topic quickly. I have an ITGS client that may or may not bail on me and I have to submite my product next week. I've not yet began filming and they are going out of the country for two weeks. Incase they do bail on me I need a backup plan. How do you fake an itgs ia? What are projects that I can do on my own and act as my own client?
  5. Hey thanks for replying better late than never. I made the switch last week and I think it was a good idea. Our school doesn't allow the OOP option so I will just do databases along with the class, I think that will just simplify it a whole lot for me. We started topic 4 this term and so far it's been super easy however I think it'll still be tough to learn topic 5(abstract data structures) by myself, topic 6 and 7 are easy too. My cs teacher also might offer me some help.
  6. Hi all. I really want to switch to computer science HL (i take SL) and drop my physics hl because I am afraid it is too hard for me. I am in my first year of IB, my subjects are English A SL, Arabic B HL, ITGS HL, Physics HL, Computer science SL, Math studies SL. The problem is my school does not teach computer science HL (only sl) so I have to teach myself and I am kind of struggling with it. I scored an A- for computer science and a C+ for physics in my first term exams. How can I plan out lessons? Where can I study from? Are there online courses I can take or something? Any extra tips?
  7. Hardest is English A SL, easiest has to be Computer science.
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