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  1. Well I definitely think you should focus part of your essay on explaining the relevance of each symbol, because I've read the book and honestly don't quite understand how you came to this idea (the gun is easy, light not so much). This obviously makes it a very good one (seriously, now that I think about it, it's such a cool title and area to analyse) if you can back up your thesis. If your focus is on empowerment I think you could concentrate on the contrast seen in Paulina with and without the gun. Look for scenes where she's vulnerable and unarmed and compare them to scenes where she's armed and confident (or even the other way around; unarmed and calm vs armed and confused, hysteric) You can concentrate on light vs dark scenes and how they support the theme of empowerment as a second point, then how both light and the gun interact as symbols as your final point to draw it all together and support your thesis. I hope this was helpful (and not too late)! The best plan of action is honestly to only use what I said here as a springboard, and to come up with your own structure that you feel most comfortable with.
  2. Like ShIrley say, plant germination and growth are very common ideas. However, if you want to do your IA on plants, remember to 1) have an original idea and 2) have an idea that carries personal connection. Avoid ideas that are already prescribed labs, like the angle of light and a plant's growth towards that light. What you can do is make a brainstorm where you think of separate ideas and then branch off form there, developing different ideas as you go along. Make the brainstorm as big as possible, since (as far as my teacher is concerned) lots of your ideas will fall short or just not work. So get a many ideas as possible. I hope that helps, even if it doesn't directly answer your question.
  3. Since I'm currently trying to figure out my Bio IA as well I may not be of much help, but I can try. I think your method would be how you collect the data from google. What search queries will you use? How will you record the data you find? What sort of calculations will you have to make, and how? Will you use excel? What sort of analysis will you make, and what data do you need to do this? I'm not sure if this counts as method, but I believe that you would have to outline how you will collect and analyse the data. There are official IA examples from the IB, and if you can find one where pre-existing data is used, you can try and figure out a method from that.

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