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  1. Sounds quite a serious case. Ask your coordinator to directly contact the IBO for more details on this. Make him/her mention that it was harmless and you had protection gears on.
  2. Can anyone inform about the CAS interviews? Are they a necessity without which you would fail your Diploma? If so, how many of such interviews need to be done? I have done 2 till now. Thanks,
  3. Hey all! This post is about my Maths SL IA, which I handed in incomplete (final submission). So due to various reasons, I was unable to finish my Maths IA and had to submit an incomplete version to my teacher, who put a very firm deadline. It was only around 8-9 pages and lacked a couple of the marking criterias (evaluation, etc) because I was finding my topic too difficult (something I realized quite late). The IA is hopeless now and I am left hoping to do well on the exam for a good grade. My aim is to get at least a 6 if not a 7. I know that the IA counts for 20% of our grade, but I am pretty confident in getting 80-90% for P1 and P2. I wanted to know how much the IA score actually impacts the overall grade and if it's possible to get 7 or 6. Thanks, fromsomewhere2k17
  4. Lauren tried to approach the wild mob, but the unicorns informed her about a hobby she never knew she had: Lauren liked to read Chinese Xianxia novels!
  5. Accepting an offer means you are affirming that you will be going to the university where you got the offer from.So if you got offers from a number of Spanish and UK universities, you can only accept for one and doing that naturally means you are declining the other offers from the other universities. More importantly, congrats on your offers!
  6. GP HL here. U guys want to make a group or something?
  7. Hey Gus! About your taking computer science as an IB subject, I don't think that it is possible for you to officially take CS judging from the info u gave because i) Your school doesn't offer the course. I don't know whether if you are allowed to self-study any subject except the languages, but since your coordinator has said it, then it must be true since he/she obviously knows more about the details more than me, and ii) You already have 2 subjects from the science group (Phys. & Chem), and CS falls into the same category as those two subjects so even if your school did offer the CS course, you would have had to drop either one. However, there could be one way to take CS officially. I'd suggest you to look up Pamoja IB and see if they offer Computer Science online. If they do, then you are definitely in luck. You could then discuss learning IB CS online on Pamoja with your coordinator and if all goes well, you would then need to drop either Chem or Phys and take CS in its stead. But I haven't checked the Pamoja website in a long time and have no idea if they offer CS or not. Besides, even if you cannot enroll into IB CS, you can still self-study the subject at your own pace and leisure. I have a friend who has been self-teaching himself coding for four years through online courses. Google it up and you will surely find a lot of things online. Hope this helps.
  8. Hey guys. My school's final FOA is due this Tuesday, and I have planned to base it around something like 'representation of Chinese people in western media and films'. I'll be examining the various depictions of Chinese people and talk about some common stereotypes/bias, and explain how language is used for such purposes. I heard from my teacher that the FOA cannot talk about the depictions in general, but that it needs to be focused on one particular text (book, tv series, movies, pictures, etc). Can anyone here suggest me some text in which Chinese peoples are depicted in an interesting, controversial or in any particular manner? Thanks.
  9. An enigma that has confounded us since our very beginning. There is no objective 'consensus' about it, it's as individualized as our favorite hobby or something like that. I think it all depends on how we perceive the world and our outlook, normally expressed in terms of pessimism, optimism, futurism, hedonism(?), minimalism, etc etc. For example, post-modernism is a school of thought that emerged after the second world. It has a pretty nihilistic approach to life, morality, and purpose. Many people say that the pursuit of knowledge or the betterment of society is our purpose in life. I certainly believe that those are goals that we should strive for, but I also think that those goals are about what we should do and not provide us reasons on why we exist or what our purpose is. On a similar note, asking the reason for why we exist is assuming that we need a reason in the first place. I'd suggest you to seriously study Religion, Philosphy and/or Spirituality as those sources can offer compelling and thought-provoking views on whether our existence is pure luck, a part of a grand scheme or just a big waste of time. Regardless of what conclusion you come up with, aim to come out of IB with a sane mind first!
  10. I'd think that you have a huge array of options if you are going for windows. Prominent brands include samsung, hp, dell, asus, lenovo, etc. However, as mac117 said, if you are used to mac, it would be good to buy a mac. I personally prefer windows as I'm a bit unfamiliar with mac. Beside the usual nitty-gitties, do take a look at what screen size you want the laptop to be.
  11. Unfortunately, there are no books or any such thing available for paper, though you can surely find some guides online. There will never be any literary texts for paper 1 SL, but for HL there is one for contrast and analysis (see the lang&lit guide for details). In the end, it all boils down to how well your teacher guides you on this course.
  12. I'm facing a similar dilemma myself. Can I please know if u stuck with mandarin or not
  13. Honestly, i'm not so sure about that KQ. From what i've heard from my teachers, KQ's should be about the formation of knowledge, and how does that knowledge affect us (or how we come to influence knowledge)- the much hyped 'how do we know what we know' meme. However, this phrase is not a joke and it's actually quite serious in ToK in order to form a good KQ and KC. Your KQ, on the other hand, can easily be made into a second-order KQ if u give some more thought on the knowledge related aspects of the issue instead of going into a debate. Maybe you could rephrase it by saying how shared knowledge may shape our perceptions. For example, "How has shared knowledge come to determine what we perceive as normal?" Don't take my word as final though; you should probably discuss that with your teachers. Hope this helps!
  14. My presentations are coming up in a month. This is what my teacher gave me as to give an idea on how to organize my presentation (see file attached). But remember, your final mark will depend on how well you complete the presentation form! Hahah i'm not saying that you shouldn't work hard to give a good presentation, but that you still have a chance of getting a high mark if your KQ and the analysis is good enough. Hope this helps. ToK_Presentation-graphic_planner_copy.pdf
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