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  1. Yes sorry, I meant mostly there, typo. I don’t think your math has to be beyond grade 8 at most. Of course, it will have some grade 8 content as it is suppose to be challenging, but most of the concept should be covered already in grade 7. Don’t feel nervous and don’t sorry too much about the test, stressing won’t help much haha..check over everything, gather your supplies and material (DONT FORGET YOUR REPORT CARD!!) and good luck tomorrow! P.S wear a watch to keep track of time
  2. Reviewing curriculum isn’t the most effective in my opinion since they’re all contest questions. I think the next practice would be doing past gauss questions. However, from my Past knowledge, I’m sure they consider the essay and report card more because I have friends who did not thenbest on the math test, but was still accepted
  3. If you’re strong with math, it’s pretty easy when I did it. There is a few part A, outlay part B, and ofc, some part C. I would say don’t stress too much about this math test. Just manage your time well and you should be fine. I would say the interview in french after counts a lot more. GL!
  4. Yeah, there’s a short break in between. The number of questions is different each year. The English is articles and u answer multiple choice questions on the context of the article. The math is just questions and multiple choice as well. It’s fairly easy and I suggest you to not stress about it like I did as it was really useless to do so and might make you perform worse. I suggest bringing a small snack to eat during break as food helps calm down the mind. Reply on this post if you have any other questions, gl!
  5. They’re mostly part b, but it starts with maybe 1-2 part a and it ends with 1-2 part c
  6. There isn’t much you can do short term since the test is mostly on accumulated french vocab, but you can get some vocab exercise books and learn some frequently used words. Don’t worry too much though, it’s not as bad as you think it is and you’ll do great!
  7. I chose Bayview over st.robs because Bayview, you can have another elective. At Bayview, you get 2 electives, but at st.robs you only get 1 in grade 9 because religion takes up a course slot. Meaning, if you don’t do civics and careers as summer school, you have no electives in grade 10. Since you’re already not getting any electives in grade 11 and 12 due to everything locked in by ib courses, you might as well enjoy electives while you can since they’re a lot more fun. I wouldn’t say the french test was that hard...but i did come from french immersion. However, my friends who came from a normal school said it wasn’t that bad. It’s usually just matching word and definition, eliminate the word that doesn’t belong, or matching a word to its definition, the vocab is nothing too advanced. I would say math was a greater challenge for most people as there was a lot of questions and limited time, so you have to allot your time well per question. English is different every year, but it’s usually simple read a piece of text and answer questions relating to the text and an essay (topic is different each year).
  8. Hey, im in grade 10 pre-ib at Bayview right now, and I also made st.robs. The system has changed greatly actually. You don’t actyally apply specifically to Bayview, you apply to the ib program for all 5 ib schools in York Region. Then, they sort you into different schools (but when you submit your application, you rank the schools you wish to get in, from most to least). However, due to bayview now large population of students, you must live within their boundaries for them to sort your into Bayview and not any of the other 4 ib schools. If you do live very close to Bayview, your chances of being sorted to come here is almost guarantee, but if not, it’s very low. St.robers does only look at test mark. You have a literacy test and math test, all multiple choice. St.robs usually accept 180 students a year and I had 600 applicants in my year. St.rob’s test is much easier than bayview’s. If you wish to practice, do some OSSLT for English and gauss (or pascal if you want a challenge) for math. If you need any other help, just reply to this post and I’ll try my best to help!
  9. There is really no such thing as pre-ap. Pre-ib is only to ensure that you will do fine with the actual IB test since it’s standarized and not marked by your school, but by the main HQ. The only difference between IB and AP is that IB enriches all your courses, but in AP you get to choose which courses you want to enrich. IB forces all your subjects to be enriched, and in ap, you have just have one or more. However, with IB, your grades are on a scale of 0-7 and with IB conversions, it’s easier to obtain a consistent average because a level 6 is around 82-97
  10. I’m currently in a IB program at Bayview Secondary School, one of the highest ranking schools in Ontario and I would say, Ib is probably the best advancement program in Canada. AP is an easier alternative. It is said that Ib is good for universites in the US and British, however, I have not tested out that theory. It really is up to you if you decided to partake in the IB program as it is harder than the usual academic program.
  11. I’m in pre-ib grade 10 right now and i would say, it is harder compared to academic, but it isn’t unmanageable. The HL and SL courses that your school offers is set and stone. The school determines what type of course they offer based off of past experience. In my current school, I have friends who are trying to protest for some other HL courses but the success rate of that is usually very low.
  12. Rebecca1223


    Are you with York region school board?
  13. Yesss, it just means it’s a school that offers IB diploma program since not all schools offer that. Congrats and have fun in IB!
  14. I am a grade 9 IB student going into grade 10, but I was offered the option to take summer school (yrdsb). The summer school is for civics and careers, but they are split up into session 1 and 2. I am just a little confused as I do not specifically know the purpose and the specifics of what's going to be taught. Would it be better to learn about civics first or careers first? Thank you

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