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  1. The textbooks will be provided. You use the same textbooks as the academic classes (pre IB is no different from academic science wise). Also depending on your teacher, they may also provide you coursepacks.
  2. HL physics is one of the hardest science, but HL Bio is mainly memorization based, so taking those 2 should be fine in terms of difficulty. EXCEPT, my main concern for you is... you're not taking chemistry. My school a totally doesnt allow us to take bio without chemistry because half of the bio course is biochemistry and you need the foundation taught in chem to be able to fully understand the biochem part. But if there is no way for you to take chem and you're really keen on taking physics and bio, its do able, but might require a lot of self studying for bio.
  3. I know 2 people in my grade that were accepted from waitlist. I wouldn't have my hope up because as you probably know, Bayview is an extremely competitive IB school. I'm part of the IB committee and I have to say, I've been hearing endless calls currently by parents who are asking why their child is on the waitlist, and honestly, it's not that your average isnt good enough. It's great in fact! Bayview simply doesnt have enough space to accept everyone. However, your waitlist status does depend on whether all candidates accept their offers, if many people dont, future acceptances will be contacted later. In addition, I'd like to mention that if Bayview is your homeschool, you dont have to worry much. If you do well in grade 9 academic, you can request to be directly transferred into the IB program. In addition, you wont be missing out on much as grade 9 Pre-IB is very similar to normal academic. I have a few friends actually who never even wrote the IB entrabce exam, but were asked if they would like to join IB. I wish you the best of luck and that you'll be able to attend Bayview!
  4. Hi! I remember when I was in your shoes...the good old days...jk. I wrote both the St.Rob and BSS exam and I would say...if you don’t struggle with French, Bayview’s exam is easier. I don’t exactly remember the layout/time breakdown, but you should be able to find that information on the school’s respective websites. St.Rob’s exam is taken out of the CAT practice book (they literally give you the book on exam day and tell you what page to do). So if you are worrying a lot, you could see if you can obtain a copy and do some practices. St.Rob accepts around 180 students a year and in my year, around 650 students applied. The test is math (short contest questions mostly - Gauss section A/easy B questions) and English (reading comprehension - multiple choice question on a series of stories) based. HOWEVER, they do NOT look/consider your report card at all and DON’T have french! Bayview is a little more work...reading is also reading comprehension with multiple choice, math is a little harder with some longer questions. I see French is your main concern, but worry not! There is no grammar whatsoever. It is very comprehension and vocabulary based. They have some paragraphs of 2-4 sentences and multiple choice questions based on them. They also have some questions where they provide you a word bank and you need to fill in the blank of a few sentences using the words. In addition, there are a few “what doesn’t belong” where a list of words are shown and you circle the one that doesn’t belong in the category of the other words. All the questions are very similar to the ones Bayview put up as examples on the website. Lastly, there is a writing component where they ask you to write a short essay (max 2 pages) on a question they state. Best of luck to your exams! I’m sure you’ll do great!
  5. Hey!! Welcome to Bayview haha, I’m entering grade 11, my first real year of IB in September. I remember when I was in your shoes, prepping for the so called prestigious program, Le IB. There really isn’t much to worry about as the teachers make the transition to high school really smooth. However, I would recommend going over some French, particularly grammar as that is a VERY big portion of French at Bayview. Other than that, there isn’t much you can prep for at the moment, so do have a good summer before high school! I do have to warn you tho...math will come by very rough...for the first 1-3 tests, it’s very easy to get below your usual grade. (My class had a 60% average up until the second last test!) but don’t worry because you will pull through and at the end, everything will turn out just fine : ) My name’s Rebecca and I believe most of the teachers who are going to teach you will know me, so if you do ever need help in anything (I mean ANYTHING) don’t be afraid to ask me. Best of luck and hope to see you around!
  6. That’s good! I’m sure you did great, best of luck!
  7. Congrats!! I think the lady you interview with is Ms.Baque, but I could be wrong. As you may have heard, the interview is mostly in french. Suggestion would be to see if she welcomes the idea of shaking hands. During the interview, she’ll ask very simple questions like what do you like to do in your free time, or what you will do/did during winter break. Try to talk in a relaxed manner and just look like you’re having fun, don’t be too nervous, she’s really nice! If you talk and don’t know a word, don’t be afraid to ask how to say a word, use “comment dit-on _(the word in English)__ en francais”. Good luck!
  8. The acceptance requirements have changed so much that it’s fairly easy to get in. The most important factor is do you live near bayview if you’re coming from a Bayview feeder school?
  9. Yes sorry, I meant mostly there, typo. I don’t think your math has to be beyond grade 8 at most. Of course, it will have some grade 8 content as it is suppose to be challenging, but most of the concept should be covered already in grade 7. Don’t feel nervous and don’t sorry too much about the test, stressing won’t help much haha..check over everything, gather your supplies and material (DONT FORGET YOUR REPORT CARD!!) and good luck tomorrow! P.S wear a watch to keep track of time
  10. Reviewing curriculum isn’t the most effective in my opinion since they’re all contest questions. I think the next practice would be doing past gauss questions. However, from my Past knowledge, I’m sure they consider the essay and report card more because I have friends who did not thenbest on the math test, but was still accepted
  11. If you’re strong with math, it’s pretty easy when I did it. There is a few part A, outlay part B, and ofc, some part C. I would say don’t stress too much about this math test. Just manage your time well and you should be fine. I would say the interview in french after counts a lot more. GL!
  12. Yeah, there’s a short break in between. The number of questions is different each year. The English is articles and u answer multiple choice questions on the context of the article. The math is just questions and multiple choice as well. It’s fairly easy and I suggest you to not stress about it like I did as it was really useless to do so and might make you perform worse. I suggest bringing a small snack to eat during break as food helps calm down the mind. Reply on this post if you have any other questions, gl!
  13. They’re mostly part b, but it starts with maybe 1-2 part a and it ends with 1-2 part c
  14. There isn’t much you can do short term since the test is mostly on accumulated french vocab, but you can get some vocab exercise books and learn some frequently used words. Don’t worry too much though, it’s not as bad as you think it is and you’ll do great!
  15. I chose Bayview over st.robs because Bayview, you can have another elective. At Bayview, you get 2 electives, but at st.robs you only get 1 in grade 9 because religion takes up a course slot. Meaning, if you don’t do civics and careers as summer school, you have no electives in grade 10. Since you’re already not getting any electives in grade 11 and 12 due to everything locked in by ib courses, you might as well enjoy electives while you can since they’re a lot more fun. I wouldn’t say the french test was that hard...but i did come from french immersion. However, my friends who came from a normal school said it wasn’t that bad. It’s usually just matching word and definition, eliminate the word that doesn’t belong, or matching a word to its definition, the vocab is nothing too advanced. I would say math was a greater challenge for most people as there was a lot of questions and limited time, so you have to allot your time well per question. English is different every year, but it’s usually simple read a piece of text and answer questions relating to the text and an essay (topic is different each year).
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