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  1. Rebecca132


    Are you with York region school board?
  2. Yesss, it just means it’s a school that offers IB diploma program since not all schools offer that. Congrats and have fun in IB!
  3. I am a grade 9 IB student going into grade 10, but I was offered the option to take summer school (yrdsb). The summer school is for civics and careers, but they are split up into session 1 and 2. I am just a little confused as I do not specifically know the purpose and the specifics of what's going to be taught. Would it be better to learn about civics first or careers first? Thank you
  4. At St.Robs, we use Nelson’s science perspective 9
  5. Rebecca132

    IB Choices

    I would recommend HL chem, but it still all depends on your pathway and interest. HL Chem is one subject that all my seniors has recommended me to take because they say it helps you a lot in university. If you plan on taking a chem, the gap between high school and unversity is really big and many people who has not taken HL Chem is struggling to keep up with their university chem studies. However, HL Geo is a flight course meaning it’s probably the easiest IB course you can take. Many ppl also write their Extended essay for Geo, but remember, the more people that write it on the same course, the harder the marking system. The choice is really up to you in the end, take chem if you want to actually gain a lot of knowledge and help you in university or take geo if you want to relax a bit and earn some easy marks.
  6. I wouldn’t say there if much to prepare as Pre IB is still similar to academic. We use Nelson math text books for math at St.Robs, but you can’t really study much since we have our own course packs as well. For math, it’s hard to study since they combine concepts from different grades. French is relatively easy and you can get a head start my memorizing the conjugations of frequently used verbs. Since you can start getting the feel to how physic formulas work and in English, we just read Romeo and Juliet and mainly just analyzing text. Hopes this helps!
  7. I would love to help you! After all, I just survived the first semester of grade 9 pre-ib~~~~~ It would depend on what school you'll be going to, I can help you more if you can specify that!
  8. Of course! Your average is really high however...I don’t think it will help you with st.rob because st.rob don’t look at your report card. It’s solely based off the exam. The exam are all multiple choice with only English and math. In my opinion, it is much easier than SSAT. The best advice I would give u is to ring a watch and keep track of your time and you’ll do fine. They accept 180 students each year. Good luck!
  9. The french questions are similar to the practice questions they give. There is around 5 questions with that format. HOWEVER, they actually focus more on text comprehension. For example they’ll give you a picture and you will need to circle the option for what’s happening in the picture. There is actually different amount of time given for different subject. They range from 20 minutes (which was the math I think) to 45 minutes. Maybe this will boost ur self esteem...the average they look at is only the main subjects! So you can recalculate your average with math, English, science, french, history, geography (no arts or gym marks). I believe you will get in! I was really scared last year too when I took the YRDSB test, but I’m at bayview right now. I hope this helped and good luck!
  10. i would love to help you as I was in your shoe last year. I’m currently a student at bayview and boy is the ib program a shift in workload. The written profile isn’t actually that complicated! You are given a piece of paper that’s lined and usually u will write no more than a page (you can go on the back of the paper, but since there’s no lines for you to write on there, I suggest you not to). The topic of your essay is why the ib program is suited for you and why you want to be part of it. I suggest u to write a copy of essay yourself with that topic beforehand so you have a general formate and idea for what you will write on the actual test. Hope that helped!
  11. Rebecca132


    I forgot, there's no essay writing and the entire test is multiple choice. You just gotta bubble in those bubbles and there's no penalty for wrong answers~
  12. Rebecca132


    Please don't worry about it St.Robert was the easiest test I took out of Bayview, Victoria Park, Marc Garneau, and St.Robs. If you want to full out prepare for it and guarantee acceptance, buy the CAT 4 grade 9 book. Hint; they legit give you that book on exam day and tell you which page to do and not do (please don't tell this to anyone~) I would say it's an easy acceptance. All my friends and I were accepted. If I remember correctly, there are usually around 600 who apply and St.Rob accepts 180 each year. They first send out acceptance letters, then they call the other students on the waiting list if spots open up. Just saying, all my friends declined it and everyone who I met and became friends with during exam day were called and later accepted because most students these days like going to TOPS and MACS. Bring a watch and keep track of time. It is only English and Math. ATTENTION!!! ST.Rob does not need report card and is solely based off of exam If you need help with anything else please feel free to ask me anytime ^^
  13. I'm wondering if I'm attending the Pre-IB program, would I still have to take the EQAO grade 9 literacy test? I am going to attend Bayview Secondary School this September.
  14. Haha nice!!! Here's another piece of info you can brag about. They are accepting 500 in the entire York region and bayview is only accepting 50-100! (I thought they only accept 50, but I don't really know..)

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