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  1. Barbra

    Maths HL

    oh okay gotcha. thanks, and yeah i know about the IAs. does it get moderated down quite often?
  2. Barbra

    Maths HL

    So would that mean, if i get about 30 points each in both papers and 17 on my IA, I would need to get about 20 points to get a 4 and 30 points to get a 5 in paper 3?? Or is that totally wrong? I'm really sorry about this, I am just quite confused!
  3. Barbra

    Maths HL

    How many points do you need to get in paper 1, 2 and 3 if you want to get a four or a five in maths HL with 17 points predicted in your IA?
  4. Barbra

    Recommendation letters

    Hi, I'm thinking to applying to British universities for the course of accounting and finance. I was initially thinking to have my economics teacher write my recommendation letter but I read on the page from LSE for accounting and finance that you would be assessed on high numeracy skills and on strong analytical skills. So, I started to think that maybe I should get my maths teacher write my recommendation letter. I have good relationship with both the teachers and I take the 2 subjects as my HL courses, but I am doing better in Economics than in maths. What do you guys think?? Any suggestion/advice is very much appreciated!!
  5. Hi, So I'm in 2nd year IB and I planning to apply for the London School of Economics, accounting and finance for 2018 admissions. For accounting and finance, they said on the website they require 38 points, with 6, 6, 6 in HL. I take HL econ, english B and maths, where I am predicted to get 7, 6, 5 respectively. So, because LSE is wanting a 6 in HL maths, and I am only predicted a 5, will I be kicked out immediately? and, if I actually do get a 6 in HL maths in the final exam is the result going to change in the end, like if I make a phone call or something will they consider me on letting me in or not? Thanks!
  6. Barbra

    Math IA question

    Hi, Thank you so much for your reply. You think so!? I haven't even seen her actual paper, just heard what she was doing, statistical testing and Guten-Berg Richter Law, exactly what I was going to do! But yeah, I won't copy her's or anything like that. You're taking exams this year as well!? yayyyyyy! So much fun waiting for this year ahead! (Being sarcastic)
  7. Barbra

    Math IA question

    Hi, I am going up to IB2 this year and have been working on my IA this summer. I have already decided what my IA is going to be about and the other day, I decided to ask my friend living in another different country, who has graduated this summer, what her IA was about and she did almost exactly the same thing. The topic was the same and the things that I was going to do was also really similar to what she has done already, like graphing and statistical testing. If I continue working on my IA with the same topic and not change what I am going to do, does this mean that I am breaking the academic honesty rules...??
  8. Barbra

    Language A HL

    Hi, I'm already in IB1 and it's already been a year since I started this course but I really don't think I could cope with math HL so I wanted to change Japanese A SL to HL and drop maths down to SL. But it seemed like you can't take HL in your self taught language. Does anyone know why that is? Thanks!
  9. Barbra

    Predicted Grades

    What are your predicted grades based on and when will it be out??

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