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  1. Music - To what extent do the musical elements of Karawitan and Balinese gamelan music differ due to the differences in context
  2. I am planning for this to be a spread where people can post some links on the updates on the positive AND negative impacts of Trump's decision of pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. I believe that most of the information in this thread will eventually be really useful especially for economics, geography and ESS students so... You're welcome... We can also talk about the claims and counter-claims by Trump and whoever is against Trump... All-in-all I am going to keep on regulating this thread in case I find anything interesting. You guys can post whatever you guys think about it... right now... Thoughts... or maybe ideas on how to help us "stop" or "slow down" climate change.
  3. Hi guys, I have heard this argument being brought out on several occasions about atheism, at least in my country of origin which is Indonesia. In Indonesia, religion is part of the law because the nation is supposed to "believe in one supreme God", as mentioned in the constitution of that country. Due to that, there has been violence and attacks, to the extent that it started to become physical, on religious minorities and atheists. However, I have decided to focus this on a very specific slice of this whole debate. I think the first time I had heard this argument come about when I was around 10 years old. At that point in my life, I was a relatively religious person because I was still seeking for mental help (this is another story). However, I saw this heated debate of a Muslim "expert" and an open "atheist". At first, I did not know that atheism could possibly exist and survive in a country like Indonesia because literally, the first sentence of the Constitution is the belief in one supreme God. However, the debate started to get more interesting on the religious side because he brought up some "relevant" arguments yet he could not back it up with evidence, therefore I dismissed the argument as written in the title as a big joke: because it was not backed up by him on his side. Then came around the time when I was 12, I started to get involved in the debate club in school (I was still Indonesia back then). And so, this argument was brought up again. However, this time it was backed up with evidence that showed some relevance to the question. It soon became a philosophical debate rather than whatever we were supposed to be debating about. It soon became a really gigantic part of my life because it shook the foundations of morality and the sense of decency in humanity. REMEMBER: DO NOT ridicule other people's beliefs. RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE: Remember that this debate allows you to evaluate everyone's stances. this can be a really good TOK presentation topic. Just saying...
  4. This is well said. I completely agree with you.
  5. I am all for that. There it is. Sums up my stance.
  6. The problem with eating meat is just the carbon trail that it leaves on the planet, especially red meat. Personally, I have had the struggle to convert to vegetarianism. First of all, I have really bad period pains and can only be reduced by my consumption of meat, usually red but I have survived the last couple of months off of eating white meat. This summer is going to be really big for me as I am planning to eat only fish and vegetables. I have nothing against the consumption of meat, it's just that oftentimes, we have to realize that there are some ethical complications in terms of how we obtain that meat itself.
  7. The way I look at IQ is the potential that one has to achieve greater skills that require certain skills of certain levels. Grades are just numbers that determine how much you understand a topic but that does not mean that you are of "high IQ". Grades can be achieved if you are willing to work hard and smart. Not just because you have high IQ points. Having a high IQ point does not even mean anywhere close to getting higher grades.
  8. I am currently on a scholarship in Singapore. I used to study with the Indonesian curriculum in Indonesia. Personally, if I was told I would be missing a little less than half a year would be fine. But, will you be missing important information in class? Will you be able to catch up?
  9. I think in a Physics IA, the more errors you get, the better your analysis is going to be. So, despite all of the possible errors (although you have to find out a way to calculate it), it's going to be great for the evaluation and analysis sections. Best of luck
  10. I would suggest talking to your school and see what their response it. I'm pretty sure it would be easy for the school, it would be harder for you though. (I heard that Spanish ab initio is easy so...) Best of luck with that...
  11. That's a really weird situation. Our school recommends us to work on our IAs and EEs over the summer just to make things easier in year 2 (because everything is going to be so much harder to keep up with if everything is thrown into the second year). But the deadlines in my school are pretty reasonable with relatively nice space between assessments in all of my classes and the teachers are willing to compromise, so it's easy for me to comply with internal deadlines. Not sure about your case though.
  12. Hi, I have found UCL's page on Classics and it says that you need to have: 1. 17 points out of your three HL subjects (which has to include Greek or Latin at 6 points) 2. Other subjects would need to be at a level 5 or above. The link is here.
  13. I think the IB does not explicitly make it a criterion for group work. However, the IB does teach skills that you would require in order to get through the whole IBDP.
  14. agncsw

    Help Please!

    Hi, I've seen you've chosen ESS SL. Always note that less than 1% gets a 7 each year in ESS so please rethink that choice again. Maybe opt up for Bio SL (?)
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