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  1. I got rejected to my top choice (not even a deferral). Those with 4 HLs and less activities got deferred.
  2. Wow, now I think that unique ECs don't guarantee anything.
  3. This year's admission of Chinese students has been very weird. A possible reason could be that adcoms see my work combining chemistry and art/design as my superficial understanding of chemistry. They might not think I am interested in learning hard chemical facts rather than fussing over beautiful chemical experiments. Since I don't plan on becoming a chemist, my profile lacks the feel of a 'future chemist' that the adcoms may want. Anyways I got into U of I at Urbana Champaign for graphic design, and now waiting for rd decisions to come out to make my choice.
  4. So....I have been browsing this year's admission discussion thread on Chinese Quora. The strange thing is that I found this year, great ECs actually signal rejection. One girl had perfect IB grades (7.0/7.0) every year and had been an active participant in many organisations. Besides this, she is a writer that had her work published (with thousands hundreds views on social media) and a photographer earning a great deal. She got a straight rejection from one of the Ivies. Another guy, had several national/international awards, features, programs and a 40/42 predicted, also got a rejection from a top 5 school. On CC, a guy with a post published on Huffington post also got a straight rejection from an Ivy. However, those with ECs that are not as strong as them and scores similar to them were admitted from those schools. What does this mean?
  5. Personally I am more inclined to spend time on my extracurriculars rather than taking 4 HLs, but that's only my choice. I would suggest that it depends on yourself. If you can handle the workload and maintain a good GPA, then you can try. 4 HLs would look very impressive on college admissions, showcasing that you have a good work ethic and academic determination.
  6. I just checked my report card last week and found that I had a 38 back! Bad news is that I got a straight rejection from the BRDD program
  7. I am nearly 18. As the only chemistry HL student in my grade, I was required to carve my own path in regards to my projects. Actually, ECs really come down to passion and dedication. Everyone can do something special if they invest their hard work into it. That's not quite true....4 days till my rejection letter from Brown for the Brown RISD Program.
  8. So....I am projecting a 37/42 for the GPA of this semester. I guess this is better.
  9. I have applied for Brown ED, UVA, UNC EA and UIUC EA for Studio Art. I'll be applying for Brown RISD Program, CMU BSA, Tufts+SMFA and several LACs that put less emphasis on GPA/IB scores. My portfolio was handed in through Slideroom.
  10. Hi there! I am in G12, and now an applicant mainly targeting top 20s for chemistry+graphic/industrial design dual degree or design major (which means I am choosing chemistry as a second major at second year of college) My stats are okey: 720R, 780M, 110 TOEFL, 760 chem and 740 math (gonna retake probably) However, I have a 3.7~3.8 cumulative UW GPA with a 34 out of 42 at last semester in IB. (The average of two semesters is 36) Scores are really not my forte. I do have good ECs and a strong art/design portfolio (my teacher said that my portfolio has the level of work of an MFA student) My project and my portfolio website: https://www.behance.net/aquilinahu5ef0 (portfolio) https://www.periodicgraphicsofelements.com/ (my Periodic Table project) ECs: Founder of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Educational program Alchemy. around 900+ followers. Sub-program being published on university of Waterloo’s magazine and one of the most prestigious universities in Pakistan. Featured by American Chemical Society (long term), Russian Embassy in America, Chinese Academy of Sciences and etc. Award given by Uni. of Waterloo. Interviewed Nature Chemistry editor and the Author of the book series ‘The Elements: A Visual Exploration’. Co-published 1 time with my mentor's program, who is an (some kind of) associate professor at the University of Science and Technology of China (one of the outstanding universities here). He focuses on scientific communication through digital media. Chem blog with a post recommended by the Royal Society of Chemistry at Britain. President of school science club for 2 years. 6 week Pre-college at Rhode Island of Design (America's best university). Obtained very good recommendation letter. Scientific artist of one of the peer-reviewed teenage scientific journal (sponsored by the London International Youth Science Forum, had collaborations with the Royal Society in Britain and Dyson). We currently have at least 6700+ followers. Also helped arrange the conference at Cambridge uni. Astronomy internship at The National Astronomical Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences (most prestigious scientific research centre at China) Regional piano gold award gained at G9 Consistent member of school’s student government and graphic design group Member of school’s philosophy club Graphic designer for a film festival around international schools nation-wide and world-wide (in collaboration with Italian Education Ministry, I think...) As for recommendation letters and essays, I would say they would be really good. Wrote about my interdisciplinary approach towards thinking and visual science communication. I am really not a top academic student, and tbh I blame myself for that. Will the poor GPA hurt me? Should I drop out of the program and take AP exams instead?
  11. You are pretty similar to me! I do not have a good GPA (probably I will get a predicted of 39/45), but I am pretty ECs focused.
  12. I would suggest you look into Waterloo and SFU. They are world-renowned schools and probably have great art programs as well. (BTW. if you have time, you can check U Waterloo's chem site. I got a publication from their magazine for the Periodic Table Graphics project, and my of my graphics was on their Top 10s :D) BTW. Did you choose any art/design related course for the diploma programme? I am currently doing design tech as one of my HLs.
  13. Applying only to the US (mainly to top 20s) for an academics/art+design dual degree (e.g. Brown-RISD-Dual Degree, CMU BSA, BU CAS/CFA). My major choices are chemistry and graphic design or industrial design. These academics/art dual degrees are set up to cultivate future professional designers that could apply design thinking and multidisciplinary knowledge. I do have okey SAT (720 R, 780 M) and okey cumulative GPA (~3.8/4) for admission Thus, ECs and art portfolio would outweigh 4 HLs in my case.
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