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  1. So I'm currently a sophomore in the pre-IB program, about to pick my courses for the next two years. For some reason (read: Because of low budgets), my school STRONGLY discourages taking two HL sciences. They tell us that the workload is too excessive and so it is not recommended, but it is still an option. The problem is, I've always been strongly inclined towards the sciences, and my future career aspirations involve both a strong base of both Biology and Chemistry. So my question is, should I follow my initial goal to take HL Bio and HL Chem or play it safe like everyone wants me to do? I really don't have a problem with the anticipated workload and I'm pretty good at managing my time effectively; however, all this fear-mongering has me questioning if I can achieve a 7 in both subjects, as well as stay active with extra-curriculars and volunteering that I am very involved in (and of course, have some semblance of a social life). By the way, I'm also planning on taking HL English, SL Math, SL Economics, and SL French. I might have to switch to HL Business if I decide to cave into the pressure of 1 HL and 1 SL science, since our school doesn't offer HL Math or HL French (...I know, right? we got no options). Advice would be appreciated!