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  1. Feist

    Photosynthesis lab

  2. Hi everyone! I found an interesting article for my IA regarding cost of living adjustments (COLA) and my advisor emphasized the importance of a diagram; however, I'm not sure as to what diagram would be directly appropriate for such a topic. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. So I am on my analysis for the Bio EE and I'm stuck. I did yeast fermentation but the problem is the yeast fermented fructose faster than glucose. From research, it seems glucose should be faster than fructose. Of course, this could have been due to uncertainty or lab error but I'm not sure how to explain either phenomenon. How could they be fermented differently if they're both monosaccharides? Thanks!
  4. I read on the thread that Biology EEs can be just 2500 words at the very minimum (I presume the 4000 maximum still holds though?) and my question is: what does that include? Does the text in the tables and labelling graphs count as well? On some EE's I see small word counts under sections and some I don't. Also is the format just like a regular lab? Somebody please enlighten me. Thanks.
  5. Feist

    What would you do if all jobs paid the same?

    Maybe I'm biased now that I've seen sweetnsimple786's answer, but I'd also really love to be a professor, it would be so much fun meeting new students, plus I love teaching other people and seeing the moment when it clicks for them.
  6. Feist

    School Student Councils?

    As said here before, Student Council varies from school to school, not only just in seriousness but also in the way the school executes it. Some schools believe that the speeches are enough, but come voting time, many of the students have forgotten who said what and just vote for someone based on how cool their name is. Make sure you scope out your competition and find a way to make yourself different. Read any possible guidelines that have been set (for example, at my school you're not allowed campaigning or giving out candy or dressing up) and make sure you do something that will allow people to remember you. My absolute biggest advice is to be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. I find that going in you think that you're prepared for the loss, but when it comes time and they make the big announcement, you start to convince yourself to calm down and that it's going to be you. I ran for student council the four years I was eligible and I got on every second year. If you lose, think about ways you can improve for next year.
  7. Feist

    Light Intensity Photosynthesis IA

    Well I just discovered that above my counters there is lighting consisting of those long fluorescent tubes, so they would be perfect for plants to sit under. The wattages are 20, 30 and 40. I'm also doing a "controlled" plant that sits in front of normal sunlight so even if the difference between the wattages aren't big enough I can still talk about artificial light as opposed to sunlight. I was just thinking of collecting data by measuring the height of the plants? I'm still not sure about time though, I'm worried that it's going to be really wasteful if I'm turning on those lights for hours on hours for 2 weeks. p.s. thanks for the response!
  8. For my IA I'm investigating the effect of differing light intensities on the rate of photosynthesis on corn plants. I was thinking of planting the plants, controlling all variables while waiting for them to sprout out of the soil, then apply the light. To do light intensity, I thought of buying a lamp or lamps and putting different watts of bulbs, like 5 10 15 and attaching a timer that would go on at the sunrise and sunset predicted for each day. Should the lights be flourescent? And would it be a more appropriate approach to change the distance of the light from the plant rather than the watts? Any other advice is welcome!
  9. Feist

    Friend Troubles

    I think this is a frequent occurrence between IB candidates and non-IB students. Honestly, your friends need to be more considerate and understanding that IB is a ton of extra added work; there may be people at my school who have no homework this weekend whereas I have an extended essay, TOK and 2IAs to figure out. If it's really becoming a problem, you should talk to them and let them know that you're not the one who wants to be at school while they're on a cruise, it's the responsible choice to make. If they really want to hang out with you, they should plan other things that don't cause a conflict of schedule, or maybe you could take the initiative to plan it as well. In the end, it's important to remain focused on your goal. At the year's end, you'll be the one receiving that IB Diploma and getting into the university you want (where you will be meeting tons of new friends and no IB!) while they have to worry about competing for admission to a university against people like you.
  10. Feist

    Turnitin question

    I agree with __inthemaking, an 8% similarity is fine, I'm not positive as to whether there is a concrete percentage which defines "plagarised" but I think it's optimal to keep it within 0-10%.
  11. Feist

    Parlez-vous le francais?

    Ah, mais oui! Ceux qui parlent le français avoir un avantage en matière du Baccalauréat International. Hope that's right
  12. Feist

    Photosynthesis Lab

    So for my photosynthesis lab I was thinking of measuring the affect that the concentration of chlorophyll has on plant growth. Liquid chlorophyll is up for sale because it's apparently a really good natural health remedy so I was thinking of putting that into the water or something. Is this a good idea? Otherwise, I was thinking of just doing concentration of salt in water in the Elodea plants, but will that score me good marks? It's one of the most generic topics I think. Thanks.
  13. Feist

    Should women marry for love or money?

    The obvious answer is love. I think even girls who don't truly believe in that statement will say it because choosing money makes them appear superficial and labelled by the term, "gold-digger". Obviously, again, no man wants to marry a woman who is after his money, but when we think about it conversely, no woman wants to marry a man with no money. Look at the MTV series, 16 and Pregnant, followed by the sequel documentary series, "Teen Mom". These girls find their boyfriends who are the loves of their lives and to whom they lose their virginity and so on and so forth. During the pregnancy, many of these couples get engaged - even if it is just a ring from Wal-Mart. However, as the baby is born, the men are occupied with going to work and struggling to pay the bills to support their families. This puts added stress and lots of conflict between the moms who do everything at home and the dads who do everything to put food on the table. Both want help from the other, yet cannot find a compromise as both think that they are doing everything. Do they love each other? Yes. Do they have a lot of money? No. Does this change the nature of their relationship? YES. The two couples who were supposed to be getting married are now moved into their parents' houses, or living in a hotel, and arranged shared custody of their child. This returns to the topic - women, by nature, should only want what's best, and what's best is a man who is financially stable and capable of supporting her. Is it wrong to marry for money? No. Is it wrong to marry SOLELY for money? Yes. Can love really exist without money? I think that is the better question.
  14. It also depends heavily on the teachers who are adminstering IB and the Ministry courses. At my school, the Chemistry teacher doesn't really explain the theories but we have a really good IB-oriented textbook that does. I heard from one of the smartest students in my grade that it is hard to keep up in Physics because they are learning completely new things with little explanation from the teacher. This student had the highest grade in Chemistry SL last year so I assume a combination of Chemistry HL and Physics SL would have been the easier option in that case. When I was taking Chemistry HL, I noticed a lot of material was covered in class and HL was just an extension of this, it was new material but it was based on pre-existing knowledge. So, in short, I would say Chemistry HL and Physics SL would be the route to go.
  15. We have 8 doing the full diploma in our school, which is the biggest it has been in a long time. A couple of the smartest people in my grade are only doing certificates, and one dropped entirely to contribute their time to an extra-curricular so the ones who are hanging in there feel pretty special.

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