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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Is this still a draft? If it's not the final essay, then definitely ask your teacher for advice. I personally think it's fine because it would be stupid to place any form of restriction on a student's work.
  2. Here are some random, hopefully creative, ideas that you can use for your IOP. Pretend to be a liberal talkshow host who is reviewing the book for the show's audience. Pretend to be the author in an imaginative scenario (e.g. regretting certain ways in which he explored the issue of feminism, why they work effectively or ineffectively, and what he would change in a second edition of the book). Pretend to be a college professor who is teaching his/her class about feminism, and use this book as a stimulus for discussion. There are lots and lots of ideas. Hope these suggestions help you out!
  3. Getting really high marks in Criterion A Knowledge and Understanding comes down to a couple things. Having a correct interpretation. Make sure your interpretation is actually reasonable and can be supported by your quotes. Find insightful ideas. Once you've got the basic interpretation, try to extend this. Try to find ideas that are non-obvious and yet able to be supported by quotes in the text. An example of this is if most people interpret a character's role to be X, but you have found that the character's role is Y in addition to X. Analyse a broad range of literary elements. You say that you are analysing characterisation. Don't just focus on who said what and who did what. Try to add in some interesting techniques, themes, as well as comparison and contrast of characters. Hope this helps!