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  1. Sara A

    MLA Citations for English EE

    No comma Alix? Well thank you Haha yes, see you at dreaded school!! actually i'll see yo face at orientation! Good luck with cutting down that word count.
  2. Sara A

    MLA Citations for English EE

    Oh thanks so much, that's really great advice! I'll definately use the whole "Last name, Song name, Line number" format. It seems that's the best way to go, at least until I consult my supervisor
  3. Hi there, So I'm doing an english extended essay comparing a rap artist's lyrics to a contemporary poet's poems and just comparing and contrasting. But I'm wondering a little with citations on how exactly I should go about some tricky aspects. I'd like to note that I am using the MLA format for my bibliography and citations. First of all, When putting citations, obviously for scholarly articles I put the author's last name and then the page number like this (Smith, 9) But I'm wondering if the comma should be there or not. I know it's a knitpicky thing, but I would hate to lose points on such a small aspect. Another question more important question, I have several poems, or songs, by one artist/poet. So when I quote a song for example, would i still put the singer's last name and then a line number like (Last name, line#)? Because if I have several songs, then how can one tell which song I'm quoting.. So would I put the song name and THEN a line number like (Songname, line#)? Or should I combine the two? So if anyone has any advice on this, I'd really appreciate it.
  4. Sara A

    Your Worst Case Scenario

    That when I get back home from travelling 3 days before the EE is due in, I realize I left my flashdrive with my fully edited and final copy of my EE in England, which is 10 hours flight away. Ah yes..

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