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  1. Yes. This is sexist. The definition of sexism is discriminating on the basis of sex. And in this instance females are being discriminated, by having to comply to a rule, which there is no expectation that anyone else complies to. It's simply unfair. I see this at my school too. Boys walk around in muscle tanks and no one says a thing, but if a girl wears spaghetti straps she is told to go and change immediately. I don't have a problem with uniform restrictions, I just have a problem when they are unfairly enforced among particular groups.
  2. I'm in Year 11 right now doing MYP and I need to make subject selections for DP soon. For my science subject I'm not interested in Chem or Physics, so it's between Bio or ESS for me. I need to get a really high score in IB (43+) to get into the degree I want, so I need opinions on whether Bio or ESS is generally easier? Could you guys tell me a bit about the courses? Thank you
  3. I'm in Year 11 MYP right now and we have to make our subject selections for DP very soon. In order to get into the degree I want to do I'll need at least a 43/45, which I know is crazy hgih - but hey you gotta have dreams. I need advice on what subjects are the easiest to score 7s in, because I could swap around some stuff with sciences and humanities. See the list below: HL - Language A: Eng lang lit, Economics, Geography SL - Maths, Mandarin Ab initio, Biology ? I'm a diligent student, so would work hard, but I also want to have a life :')