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  1. Hi guys. I just want to make sure whether this is a good knowledge question: "To what extent do ethics play a role in the justice system?". Is this a good KQ or should I change it to something else?
  2. nadi0987


    I think one controlled variable could be the type of plant you are using. I am not sure what other control variables are there. Could you explain your IA with more details?
  3. Hi guys. For my biology IA topic, I decided to focus on genetics and the subtopic would be inheritance. I have a few ideas on what to focus on but I need to narrow it down. So here are some of my ideas: Investigate on genetic diseases. Find the correlation between the variables that led to a specific genetic disease. Investigate a specific gene that led to a genetic disease. Focus on dominant/recessive alleles and how they affect generations of families I was thinking to choose between with family genes or plant genes. What should I focus on? Hope you guys can help me
  4. nadi0987

    TOK knowledge questions

    Hey guys. I need help in creating secondary knowledge questions. My knowledge question is "To what extent does ethics play a role in the justice system?". How would I create knowledge questions? Hope you guys can help me?
  5. nadi0987

    *HELP!* Gender equailty in Baha'i

    You could talk about factors that led to gender equality in Baha'i. Once you do research, you can find one significant factor that led to gender equality. You could concentrate on either how gender equality affected ( an example... the economy ) in Baha'i. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi guys. I need a bit help on how to do research on the lack of political rights for Nigerian women. My RQ is " To what extent does the lack of political rights for women in Nigeria affect gender inequality in 21st century?". My subject is human rights. I have some research on role of women in politics in Nigeria and the political system of Nigeria. I am a bit unsure on what else should I research on. What should I mostly focus on? Hope you guys can help me
  7. nadi0987

    EE Topic Help

    Hi guys! I need help on my ee topic. My subject is human rights. I am thinking about gender inequality or patriarchy issues... somewhere between those lines. I am not sure how to create a questions that goes towards human rights. Hope you guys can help me.
  8. You could do something about having different mesocosms and using different organisms in each to see what happens. You could also have the same organisms but changing the amount of resources in each mesocosm.
  9. nadi0987

    Mesocosm Project

    HI guys. I need help on my mesocosm project. It;s due on may 1st. I'm thinking of doing an aquatic one but I'm not quite sure. I am also a bit unsure on what materials to use. Hope you guys can help.
  10. Hey guys. I don't know if you read this book, but myclass is currently reading "Labyrinths" by jorge luis borges. My teacher gave us a prompt "What does Borges satire in the Gardens of Forking Paths?". I'm having trouble finding out what does borges satirize in that short story. I picked that Borges satirizes "the garden of forking paths" written by tsui pen by using travesty to compare the book and the universe? Does that make sense at all?? THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. nadi0987

    IA Physics SL Help

    HI. My research question is: How does the length of a wing from a paper helicopter affect the time it takes for it to get to the ground?. You can do something with the flight of an object. I'm changing the wings length by adding 10 mm more. Hope it helps!
  12. nadi0987

    Physics IA: DUE TOMORROW

    Hi guys. I need help on my physics IA. My research question is: How does the length of a wing from a paper helicopter affect the time it takes for it to get to the ground?. Do I need some type of formula or equation for this topic? I'm kinda confused on what formula to use. . I already have the data and I'm almost done with my IA. MY IA IS DUE TOMORROW. I hope you guys can help me.
  13. nadi0987

    IA Survey :)

  14. nadi0987

    IA TOPIC HELP (studies) ASAP

    i'm sorry if i replied late and i think you should try number of social media account vs. gpa. I'm not sure how you will conduct this experiment but good luck!!!
  15. nadi0987

    Easy Math IA Question

    I think it is a mix of both. You have to show that you did the calculations by hand in your ia. You can use excel to create your graphs and tables and put them in your ia.

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