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  1. Hey, So I have a TI84 Plus CE Calculator. I just wanted to know for my IB exam, could I just remove all the applications and programs other than the simultaneous + Polynomial equations software? (http://lo3.gdynia.pl/ofertaedukacyjna/media/calcul.pdf - This PDF from IB mentions that for the calculator I'm using only this software is allowed.) There is an exam mode which removes all these software automatically, but I would like to have the simultaneous + polynomial equation software especially for Math HL. Thanks so much
  2. Hey, I was curious about the plagiarism in IB. This is a hypothetical situation: Suppose, I download an EE online, which scored an A, and I rephrase the content (overall meaning remains the same). Turnitin will not give a very high percentage of plagiarism, due to the rephrasing, and suppose I get a plagiarism of 20%. But if you see my edited EE and the original one, you can clearly see I have copied off of it. Since IB examiners won't be checking each and every online EE side by side, is it possible that I could get away with this? And another situation, suppose I downloaded my IA again online and rephrased it. My IA is one of the selected samples which are sent to IB. Only this time I do get caught by IB. Since mine gets caught, will IB do anything to me? Will the marks of my classmates reduce? What are the outcomes of doing this?
  3. Hello, I am doing my Extended Essay in Physics, and I have chosen a relatively simple experiment (affect of various liquid properties on the resonate frequency in a wineglass), but with lots of background theories (out of syllabus portions too). Is this alright?
  4. I have taken math option calculus and it was very difficult, i changed to sets and it was much easier....many other people have also told the same
  5. Hey, I'm a Business management SL student. I was deciding on my topic for my IA and I was wondering about the business tools I can use. Could I use tools and techniques in hl portions or outside the syllabus? Thanks, Abhishek
  6. Hello, I was wondering if the options I choose in my HL subjects affects my admissions in universities especially USA. For example: I have taken Sets as my option for Math HL, but I was wondering if it affect my admission, because sets is comparatively easy to calculus. Would taking calculus give me an advantage over sets when it comes to applying for colleges? Thank you, Abhishek
  7. Thank you! I was really worried, because it's simple, but has lots of value
  8. When I was listing various topics for my IA, I realized some of these topics have very simple procedures. Will my marks reduce, due to a simple procedure?
  9. Abhishek3

    Giancoli to IB

    Hello, I have Giancoli Physics 6th Edition book. I read on this website that many people recommend this book. I wanted to know which chapters is required to study for Physics HL? I have taken Astrophysics as my option, so I will refer that certain chapter for it. Thank you,
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