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  1. For Math SL, only your IA and exam mark matter. Your final mark determined by IB will be the one that universities see on your transcript (if you have your math exam this may) because your IB coordinator changes the mark that's on your report card. If you get a 6 on your final exam, you are likely to get a 6 (depends on your IA mark, too). Fellow Ontarian student
  2. Looks good, instead of Geography, perhaps you could have business.
  3. Imo, it depends on what you're going into.
  4. Hey guys, I have a quick 30-second survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1W5KB1CQqjrhZIlG3hPYqjCBsIeCddZjp1CA6Q2VYxBU/ Only answer if you car/bus/use another vehicular transport. Thanks!
  5. My friend is doing an IA on League as well. His topic is something like: the correlation betweeen warding the river and the amount of deaths.... or something along the lines of that. Just make sure there is a correlation in your IA.
  6. It should -- run it through your coordinator. And np
  7. Hey, Doing art at home is allowed (my friend is doing that), I think you should probably get one of the art teachers at your school to be your supervisor. For action, you can do literally any sport at your school, fitness club, hiking, anything that increases your heart rate Good luck
  8. Hey, I also use that textbook. The first few pages have a lot of detail on how to answer the questions. Your responses should only be as long as need be.The first question is purely analysis, 1a) should be 5-8 sentences, 1b) only about 3-5. 2) is about compare and contrast about 8-12 should be good because 3 compares and 3 contrasts. 3 is the OPCLV, 1 sentence for OPC each, 3-4 sentences for LV, that makes about 9-12 sentences. The essay question just depends on how much you know, I do atleast a full page. My teacher says that for each point, you should have a different sentence, just so it's easy for the examiner. Also, use obvious transitionary words such as Firstly, secondly, thirdly. This website is useful on how to answer paper 1 questions: https://www.activehistory.co.uk/ib-history/ib-history-paper-1-tips.pdf
  9. The reason why Clinton couldn't win was because the left and center remained fractured i.e. Jill Stein. Historically, this is how Franco and Hitler took power, Mussolini too, to an extent.
  10. Okay.... so impeach your DEMOCRATICALLY elected president, who is fulfilling his campaign promises. I think this has happened 4 times before? No one cared before, so it can remain irrelevant.
  11. I am not a Trump supporter or anything... but the largest protests DURING the election campaign were barely in the thousands. Compare that with the women's march, which had more than 500k people in Washington alone. What's the point of protesting AFTER everything's been said and done? Hence, the failure of apathetic citizens in the US who are crying about Trump now.
  12. Perhaps the left-wing and liberals could've been protesting before the election happened.
  13. Yep, math studies is treated like college math
  14. You still need to do the 150 hours.... it's a requirement... by IB.
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