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  1. I'm only halfway through the course, but I really struggled with Topic 5. So far I've found Mechanics (2) and Circular Motion (6) the easiest.
  2. beetle

    History book

    I found "War and Peace: International Relations 1878-1941" really helpful for WW1/WW2 related things.
  3. Easiest: German ab initio Hardest: Physics HL
  4. It's doable, you just need to have a specific RQ that fits the criteria of whatever subject your'e writing it in (either Bio or Chem I assume?). Truthfully, cancer itself is too broad of a topic, but you can narrow it down to perhaps a specific type of cancer and the causes, effects or treatments surrounding it.
  5. I'm in the process of writing my History EE and the majority of my sources are "secondary" sources, i.e. papers published in academic journals etc. Is this acceptable? Or are primary sources generally more well favoured by examiners?
  6. 1. What is your real name? That's a secret. 2. Where are you from? Scotland, but I live in Germany now. 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? Googling stuff about the IB. 4. What made you register on IB Survival? To ask questions and read about other people's experiences with the IB. 5. When did you (approximately) register here? 6th December. 6. What is your favourite IB subject? HL History. 7. When are you graduating? May 2018. 8. What are your plans for university? I plan on studying International Relations! 9. What are your free-time hobbies? Art... I should probably use my free time to study more, though. 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? I've not been here long, so... nothing?
  7. I take History HL and there is a LOT of memorising. You don't have to memorise many dates or key people, surprisingly. Rather you need to memorise what happened and why it happened. In HL history you analyse a lot more in depth than SL (in SL you focus more on abstract concepts) so things can get confusing, but if you love history then I'd totally recommend it because I personally really enjoy the course However keep in mind how the courses you pick now will effect your choices for uni because certain programs require certain subjects at HL :V
  8. I'm currently halfway through Y1 and I'm curious as to how many hours most people have completed by now. I have ~20 hours at the moment. I'm aiming to get over 50% done by the beginning of Y2. Yeah, so how many CAS hours do you usually have done by mid-year one/the end of year one?
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