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  1. Your grades look fine and I think you should be okay for DP. Unless you know you are definitely not getting anything higher than 24 (the minimum points you need to get the diploma). IB is quite unpredictable sometimes, you never know if you are going to rock the whole thing in the last minute. It is always a good thing to try some of the harder challenges. From my knowledge, IB is pretty recognized around the world (mostly in Europe). Even you did not get the diploma at the end or you are unsatisfied with your grade, I believe you can always transfer your IB grade into the grade of the educational grade of the place you are in. Just a note that when you first going into IB, the first two or three months would be a nightmare for you, but don't panic! Things would turn out better! I had struggle with it at the first but now I am totally on track and doing well. I suggest you at least try four months and then decide if you want to stay in the program or not. Gook Luck!
  2. Ludwig S


    Written Task 1 is an “imaginative piece” in which you demonstrate your understanding of the course work and a type of text. It is based on the current literature you are studying. It has to show understanding of the literature. WT1 is about 800 to 1000 word long, with an additional 200 to 300 word rationale summarizing the purpose of your WT. The rationale whould show the examiner the necessary background information and a good understanding of your task. The WT1 is not a creative writing, it has to be an extended piece of work that is related with the literature. Some of the text types are: diary, script, police report, litter... The types are unlimited as long as the content relates with the literature you are focusing on.
  3. If you want to do the full DP, then it is better to challenge yourself and do grade 9 IB, because your grades would not matter if you got the IB diploma. In my opinion, grade 9 is not hard and it would be a good practice for going into DP. My average grade for grade 9 is between a 6 and a 7, everything is doable.
  4. I am studying math hl with pamoja and I noticed that its final exam is scheduled way earlier than what I thought, which is at the beginning of May. The subjects that we would be done in this year are: Algebra, Functions and equations, Trigonometry and Circular functions, and Calculus. I wonder how hard the exam is going to be, and it would be great if any of you could give me some "unfamiliar" questions to help me practice.
  5. Hi BernOnFire, it is true that physics require less memorizing since all the formulas you need are all on the formula sheet. If you are not taking biology in DP, then it would be great if you could switch to physics to have a taste of it before next year. In my opinion, you don't really to study extra content to prepare for physics SL, because I had no prior knowledge in physics and I am still doing well in it. And it all depends on what your interest is. If you love biology more, then stay in biology. If you really want to prepare physics over the summer, then I suggest a website called Kognity. It is a paid online IB textbook. I found the content there being really accurate and helpful. I hope this helped
  6. If you are going to study English in university then the kind of math you are taking won't be too important. If you are finding math is taking too much time and you are not achieving want you want in math, then switching it to studies would help a lot. In addition, you should check the course requirements for the universities you want to get in, because some universities they want at least a math SL regardless of the program taking. History is a course that will take a lot time in order to do well at. If you are not interested in it, it would directly affect you performance. I have classmates who are taking Business and Management and they are getting 7s. If you love business, then I recommend you switch to business. Overall, I think you are doing well! I hope my comment helped
  7. We are currently doing the unit of Art for TOK, but our teacher always bring up some sensitive political topics for us to discuss. And the discussion would either become supper heated or just a dead silence. I had an intense discussion with my teacher in class, and it ended horribly. After several talks with my teacher and the coordinator at my school, they still refuse to get rid off all the sensitive topics due to we have to be well-rounded. I am considering leaving the class if similar topics come up again, because they were saying I'm being too emotional when I was discussing within the class. Do you think this is a good idea? How bad is it if no one in my class likes TOK?
  8. I loves those two subjects too! But my school only offers none of the subjects... and I'm learning online... Back to the question, in my opinion, you can try doing four HLs first and see if you endure that workload. Because sometimes you would find out that you wanna switch one subject to SL. After you had done one or two months of HL math and physics, then you can decide which one to switch to SL. There's one thing it is supper important, maybe more important than which subject you like better, is that your teacher! What I found is, a better teacher would help you learn better. When I say a better teacher is doesn't mean a teacher who is just nice, but also has good teaching techniques and always be encouraging. So you can have a look of who is likely to teach you math and physics next year and then decide which subject to choose. Last, my suggestion is to choose physics HL, because it's solving problems involves mathematical calculations, not only math.
  9. Wow thanks for the effort! Our teacher haven't told us a thing about this!
  10. 1) Japan (yap, anime!) 2) Germany (my secret love takes forever to explain~) 3) North Pole (time for adventure, man!)
  11. 1) If you have a target university that you wanna get in, it is better to look at their requirements, because they may recommend you to take certain course. But it's also important to look at what you can do well at, because the overall score is the one that most universities care the most. 2) For subjects like geography, it would start easy and will get harder as the course goes. So it would be fine if you have no prior knowledge in geography. And it would be a great choice if you are strongly interested in geography. 3. Economics, business and management, ITGS, etc.. Those are some subjects offered in ib that may help you if you are going into a business program. Again, have a look of the university that you want to get in and see if there's any other recommendations. Also, chose a subject from group 6 (arts) would be nice if you are going a business program, because they like people being more created and open-minded.
  12. I know a super gooood online textbook website called Kognity. It is paid, but I think it's worth it.
  13. Ludwig S


    Physics! Physics! Definitely Physics!
  14. It's more like a definite win in my opinion. I don't wanna get to deep in it, 'cause it will get too heated...
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