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  1. If I'am choosing two cold war crisis as Berlin and Cuba, (possibly taiwan to understand and explain us relation and detente for later), which should I study? These are content outline from oxford book: 2. Global spread of the Cold War, 1945-1964 2.1 Emergence of superpower rivalry in Asia, 1945-1949 (about japan after ww2, how they treated by us) 2.2 Communist success in China and its relations with the USSR and the USA, 1946-1949 2.3 North Korean invasion of South Korea, 1950 2.1 Origins of the Non-Aligned Movement 2.1 The Hungarian uprising 2.1 The Suez Crisis 2.1 Cnogo Crisis, 1960-1964 2.8 Berlin Crisis and the Berlin Wall 2.9 Sino-Soviet tensions, the Taiwan Strait and the split 2.10 Cuban Missile Crisis +Any recommendation for the impact of Cold War tension on two countries (excluding US and USSR)? I might choose East Germany and Cuba or China