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  1. Ann123

    Physics SL IA help

    I am planning to see how springs that obey Hooke's law also display Simple Harmonic Motion.
  2. I am planning to do a physics IA on Hooke's Law, but our teacher told me to modify the topic how can I modify this?
  3. I think you should only take History HL, if you want to do something related to history for your undergrad as history is extremely time consuming. On the hand, I find Biology to relatively easy and I think you would be okay with a bit of practice and memorisation.
  4. I did mine on something similar- The professor by Nissim Ezekiel and talked about language in a cultural context. I also talked about the history of english in India. You can also check out this website, it has pretty useful tips on the FOA/IOP: http://www.studbuds.org/2017/01/14/how-to-succeed-in-the-foaiop/
  5. To keep your topic focused on micro-economics is better as you can conduct surveys and collect data. I believe this shows a greater level "personal engagement" to IB. Moreover, you should stick to your city as taking the entire country will make the topic "too broad" and you will have too many variables which you might not be able to control. Also, check out the extended essay guide for 2018 in the files section of this website, it will help you get a general idea of what the EE entails.
  6. https://www.calvertonschool.org/uploaded/Summer_Work_2015/Summer_Work_Packet_for_incoming_IB_History_Y1.pdf I found this link to really useful with regards to IB History. Go to the very end to find information about the IA and a detailed breakdown of the mark-scheme and word limit of each section.
  7. Thanks for the reply! I plan on studying Economics
  8. Hello! I am currently in my first year of IB and wanted to switch from Psychology to History HL. My other subjects are - Economics HL, English HL, Math SL, Hindi SL and Biology SL. Is History considered to be more "academic" than psychology and thus, preferred by colleges? Also is it comparatively tougher to score a 7 in History? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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