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  1. Hello everyone, One of my friend applied for a scholarship and the deadline for university application (and also scholarship application) is January 19. Is it possible he can get the scholarship before the deadline?
  2. That's a pretty high score! Good luck for both of us on the exam)
  3. Oh thanks for the explanation In my school, they don't show us our predicted grades but it is somewhere 40-41
  4. Your predicted grade was 44 and you got 35 from the actual exam?
  5. Alizadeh

    Revision Notes

    Hello everyone, Does anybody know where I can find complete notes for History HL on World History Topic 10 and 12? Thanks beforehand.
  6. Alizadeh

    Teacher absence

    I feel terrible, because we have a teacher, who teaches us TOK and Economics. He said he will teach us History as well. I don't like him, he happens to be not a professional in his job. Our past history teacher was amazing.
  7. Alizadeh

    Teacher absence

    My history teacher left school. (I had EE with him and he was a great teacher) What can I do?
  8. Can IELTS course count as CAS>?
  9. Can fps (first person shooter) games be confirmed as CAS or not? Someone said that only your teacher decides what can count as CAS. If my teacher allows can I use games as CAS?
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