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  1. Easiest for me is definitely English A Literature HL. Love that stuff. Hardest is probably Bio SL, that stuff kills me
  2. It's not a bad idea to do a practice IOP on something you could also potentially do a written assignment on. Our whole class did their prac IOP on Perfume and it's totally a viable option for written assignments. That way you cut out work for yourself and don't study more books than you need to In terms of actually doing the IOP, I highly recommend doing something a bit 'interesting' and interactive. In my experience (for both my practice IOP and actual IOP I achieved top boundary marks) you will be very well rewarded for having a quirky element to do. For example, act in character as the author of the book giving a book interview (even get classmates to read out lines) or pretend to be a character from the book. If acting isn't your style that's fine too of course, but I found by acting (dressing up, accent, displaying characteristics etc) I made the IOP much more bearable, and even fun and more importantly I was rewarded for it marks wise. Good luck!
  3. That's really unusual... I'm doing History HL as well and I definitely agree it's one of if not the hardest subject to get a 7 in...but for different reasons. 50% and below on essays has become not just the norm but good! Grade boundaries ( have it listed as requiring a 65% overall to get a 7. Which sounds like a walk in the park. Except its not. Getting above 50% is an achievement. Maybe your teachers are marking differently or maybe mine are, but in my class / school to get an 80% in history is unheard of.
  4. Definitely a good combo! Our psych teacher tells us that the IB psychology course basically covers / sets you up for first year psychology at University, so there's something to get keen about.
  5. Depending on whether you do SL or HL, you either do 1 or 2 questions worth 22 marks on the 'option' content. So you get to choose the topic (I know there's abnormal psychology and human relationships, don't know if there's any more). 22 mark essay, 1 hour to complete it you want a minimum of 3-4 (minimum) studies per essay.
  6. Disagree, but hey sleep deprivation does weird things to people. You know you're an IB student when the first half of your second last year of school consisted of learning acronyms
  7. G'day. Cant go wrong with some HL History, love hearing about my boys King, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler etc. Paper 3 is death but I still history
  8. Slow down cowboy. You can't go from writing about the food crisis to writing an introduction. Don't get me wrong it's a good place to start and you've got you area of interest which is important. But research question is everything. What your introduction looks like has numerous possibilities all depending on your research question. What specifically about the global good crisis are you talking about? Basically research the hell out of the global food crisis, in your research slowly narrow down on a niche corner of it (there's only so much you can cover in 4,000 words) and come up with a question. Then research the hell out of everything that may possibly be related to that question. THEN get jiggy with an introduction.
  9. Look, you haven't taken an easy option that's for sure. At my school, they actually make you start with four HL's if you decide to do Maths HL. Why? Because they're realistic and know most people will end up dropping Maths HL. Couple that with two science HLs and you've got a hell of a lot of content. I'm taking Bio SL and it's more than enough for me haha. You're going to have to work your ass off, don't be surprised if you start sleeping less. That said, don't let anyone tell you your subject choices are impossible and that you should change. IB forces us to be rounded by doing a subject from all the groups, so that makes it all the more important to do the subjects you're interested in. Clearly you're very logical, STEM minded with the two science HLs and Maths HL. That's cool. I'm more humanities minded so I'm doing HL History, Psych and English A Lit. Just about sticking to the interests. And clearly you've gotten good marks. So yeah, your subject choices sure as hell aren't easy, be prepared for sleep deprivation but don't let anyone discourage you. You do you man