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  1. I believe in gender equality, as does literally everyone in developed countries. However I do not believe in the objectives of the feminism movement. I find it quite disrespectful for people to use the feminist movement, which was so impactful and relevant in the past, for their personal hateful agenda. The movement rides on a lot of untruths, such as the "gender pay gap" and campus rape culture, which is the most ridiculous and absurd thing I have ever heard. I don't think you can define a movement by the dictionary definition and instead must be defined by the actions of mainstream feminist beliefs. These actions being spiteful and hateful towards men. I don't subscribe to this victim mindset that the feminist movement stands for. I think its unhealthy to tell people that they are a victim of the "system". There are a lot of global issues regarding gender equality, but they are in regions like the middle east, and not in western countries. If feminism did something about ACTUAL gender inequality issues, I wouldn't have a problem with the movement. The problem is however, that the movement isn't doing anything productive.
  2. Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I took maths HL last year and was at a 5 without putting in any work (once again because I didn't have my priorities straight). I also have a lot of friends in the current HL Maths class who I was on the same level during last years class that are doing well. I don't really need a high grade like a 7 in HL Maths, I just need around a 5. How would I go about switching? I currently have winter break. Should I just email a counsellor? Sorry if that is a stupid question. Once again thanks for the help and I'll try to make the jump!
  3. I am regretting taking SL Maths in the IB. I have always been the top of my class in terms of maths. I am half way through grade 11 and started looking for possible fields I would be interested in studying. I know its late but I have been completely blasé about school until recently. I was looking into possibilities of studying engineering or physics and every university requires HL Maths. Currently I am taking: HL B&M - HL Physics - HL Chemistry SL English Literature - SL Maths - SL German A I currently have a 92% average on the 3 tests so far in maths and am regretting not taking HL Maths. Would you (to anyone familiar with this switch) recommend for me to switch to HL Maths? Is it difficult to adjust to the material if I were to switch just after winter break? Thanks