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  1. I suggest watching Mitch Campbell or Chris Doner videos. They go over the physics topics in great detail.
  2. Yes, it would be completely acceptable to focus on only one cult movement. If you wish to focus on more than one, maybe you could do a compare and contrast of two different cult movements. Examine the impact of the movements and all that. Focusing on more than 2 at a time would result in your essay being a bit too unfocused. Hope this helps a bit. Cheers.
  3. Hi there. For your sources, as long as you referenced them properly, IB won't do anything. As for the actual Math IA itself, as long you as used math related to whichever syllabus you are taking (SL or HL), the difficulty of math doesn't really matter. My teacher also says that as long as you put in a decent effort, it's very, very hard for IB to fail you. If you put the effort into it, then the bare minimum I would expect IB to give to you is a Lvl. 4. Hope this helps a bit. Just don't worry. You'll be fine. Cheers.
  4. IA

    All of them are excellent questions. They are well formulated and well focused. Just a comment on the last one, I would advise to select one important person to focus on or compare and contrast the factors behind Khrushchev and behind JFK. Other than that, they are all good questions and you should be able to do an effective IA on any one of them. Cheers
  5. Meh. I found it okay. Personally find the TOK essay as a hassle. Too many things going on and it just adds to the pile really. However, there are some concepts within TOK that I find interesting. Mostly anything TOK related to history because history is my favorite subject. Really just matters on your perspective and what lenses you look at the subject through...(see what I just did there)....Cheers.
  6. Don't take Bio but all I have to say is that you're going to have to stick to the basics for your IA. Very difficult to pull of a proper experiment, results and report within a week.
  7. Hi there. The choice is up to you. The thing about Business Management is that it'll teach you some things that I'm sure will be useful to you once you enter University. However, if you would like to take VA instead, then by all means, go for it. As for universities, I live in Ontario, Canada and since I would assume you would apply as an international student, the universities will look at your predicted IB score as well as the courses you are taking. You plan on applying for Business, so that means that University would care if you take English and Maths (you'd probably have to do an English Proficiency test since you are from India). Then from there, they would look at your average grade across the other subjects. So in reality, taking VA over Business Management is not going to really affect if you get into University here in Canada (Not sure about US or UK). Hope this helps. Cheers.
  8. You'd have to do some catching up if you are to switch. However, I usually advise, unless you have a very specific reason to switch courses (such as you feel the skills you learn in history will help you in university) then I advise against it because of what I mentioned earlier (catching up to do). At the end of the day, the choice is up to you.
  9. Hi there! The Post-War Berlin topic you mentioned seems to be a great idea. You could compare and contrast both sides but also analyse the impact the Allies had on the differences between East and West Berlin. Camp X also seems interesting but I advise you to make sure you create a question that is feasible for you to answer. For example, maybe talk about the impact Camp X had on the training and development of soldiers/war technology for WWII or talk about the impact that Camp X had on the war outcome. Not too familiar with the Camp X topic but both topics seem feasible to do an IA on. In fact, almost anything WWII related is feasible to talk about (so much information available, that's why) given that you have a focused research question. Finally, about the Holocaust, yes it's an "overdone" topic but at the end of the day, if it interests you, then why not do it? I like to consider the History IA has, "pick your favourite historical event and analyse it". So as long as you find something which interests you, you'll be fine. Hope this helps somewhat. Cheers.
  10. Hi there. I also take HL History and I've got my IA due in a few weeks. I'm not too sure if that would be a feasible History IA topic or not because of the fact you're trying to link English Literature and History. Remember, it's a History IA, not an English assignment. Focusing on the impact that the Diary had would be more of an English assignment rather than a History IA. If you want to talk about something within the boundaries of the Holocaust, then maybe, you're better off using The Diary of Anne Frank as one of the sources you are going to analyse within the IA rather than focusing your entire investigation on the book itself and the impact it had. I would ask your teacher for more clarification. Hope this helps.
  11. Hi there. If you want to go into Engineering, I would definitely looking into taking Math and Physics. If the program is very competitive, then take HL Math and HL Physics if your school offers them. Be aware though, it's a lot of coursework and really only worth it if you are confident in your ability and skills but also if you're willing to put the time into it. I would also look into maybe taking Chemistry also. Cheers and good luck
  12. Hi there. To what extent usually means to what degree is something true. For example, I'm doing my EE on the collapse of the Soviet Union. My question is, "To What Extent were Mikhail Gorbachev's policies responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union?". Here, I'm answering how much of an impact did Gorbachev's policies make in the downfall of the Soviet Union. For your question, you're answering how much of an impact the Suez Crisis had on British influence in Egypt. So did the Suez Crisis have a major impact on British influence or did it have a minor impact? Hope this helps...
  13. Just handed in my TOK Essay and my Math IA. History IA is almost complete. I've started my EE (still got no clue for what our school's deadline to submit it is) and haven't touched by Chemistry and Physics IA yet (mostly because we have mock exams this week and next week)
  14. Hardest: Probably French B because my French has never been that good. Honestly hoping I can get a 4 on the final exam. Easiest: History is the easiest subject for me because it's one of the few subjects I actually like to take and just the content is interesting