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  1. I would definitely work alongside with your coordinator to find the best solution for you as they'll be able to guide you through all the options available for you. If you have the energy you can also look through the IB regulations for yourself and see if there's anything there that can help you figure it out (http://www.ibo.org/globalassets/publications/become-an-ib-school/dp-general-regulations-en.pdf) I would look at article 18, the one about how the IB considers the work of students affected by "adverse circumstances". Depression and severe stress fall under this category and, on a more health-related note, you should consider finding a doctor or therapist who can help you work through them. You might also be able to defer exams until November, this would again require you to go to your coordinator. This might also help you figure out your university situation. I hope you feel better.
  2. My friend had a stupid situation with her danish assessment where it got sent back to the same moderator who graded them the first time around...
  3. I'm pretty sure (not 100%) that your teacher is right on this one, as the physical work you've done on the piece might be considered more curation related to an examiner. Maybe you can incorporate other elements to the piece and turn it into an installation? You can maybe also use a 3D modeling program and model the design and then exhibit the neon sign with the design on an ipad or computer below the sign. There was a guy in my class who did this for his architecture style stuff, and it looked pretty good. I'm thinking that since neon is expensive af, you wont want to spend money on a new program so here's a list of some free one's: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/25-free-3d-modelling-applications-you-should-not-miss/ If possible, try and talk with your teacher about what steps you can take to make it count as a piece (because it sounds rad) and, if all else fails, make sure you have enough pieces other than the neon sign to make the requirement.
  4. The IB exhibitions I've been too have always had this semi-fancy vibe in terms of dress code for the students exhibiting. They weren't wearing floor length gowns or anything, but I remember some of them wearing nice jeans with a nice top. My exhibition is next week, and my new teacher has written "black tie" on the invitation we sent out but I doubt that anyone is going to show up in anything too fancy. I'm probably going to go in a nice jumpsuit since I'm not so great with dresses either
  5. On it's own I'm 90% sure you'd be able to get it to count for creativity, but I don't think it would count for service. If you do manage to tie it to Extra Life you should be able to get it to count tho.
  6. So good news guys, it looks like I'm gonna be able to exhibit the piece without censoring it in any way! The only downside is that I'm probably going to be in a more closed off area with a "warning sign" of some sort. Honestly, though I'm just happy I get to exhibit it. I just really wanna thank you guys for all the feedback, it encouraged me to keep fighting for the right to exhibit my work.
  7. I've been trying to boost my activity levels for the past few months and so far I've found that there's two kinda big things that can really help you tackle it but they kinda have to work together. The first one is physical health, when I know I have to study I try to stay away from caffeine (I know it sounds counter productive) because that way I avoid the dreaded crash. I also try and stay away from really sugary stuff for the same reason. I've noticed that I can work for roughly 45-50 minutes before my brain turns to mush so I plan ahead so that I take breaks for 10-15 min after that amount of time. During those breaks I try and get up and walk around, even if it's just a lap around the library, and drink some water. For snacks I would def recommend stuff thats nutritious and is gonna keep you fuelled. Make it something you actually wanna eat, no one enjoys munching on a naked piece of kale and if they say they do they are LYING to themselves. At the mo I'm really into nut butters & hummus with stuff to dip into them, you can also just toss some sweet potato or regular potato in some olive oil, salt & rosemary and throw them in the over for like 20min for a bomb study snack. You do you, figure out what snacks work for you best. Next up is the mental health stuff. I notice MASSIVE changes in my activity levels depending on how stressed out I am. Depending on wether that stress translates to the depression or anxiety route can also impact my energy levels, with the former making it hard for me to find any energy at all and the other leading to very sporadic bursts of energy. Neither are very fun. Basically if you feel like your tired no matter what you seem to do in terms of physical health, check in with yourself a little bit and see how you're feeling. To perk yourself up you can try talking to someone, hug something cute or do something entirely different. I know that a lot of people like to take a giant dump on meditation but it really isn't as bull as it can sound and can really help you unwind. BUT AGAIN YOU DO YOU. Sleep is also super important! I know us IB students like to not do the sleeping thing because we have other things to do - but try and get 6-8 hours a day.
  8. S.S Louise

    Hl art girl

    I know her IRL, so I asked her and she's cool with me giving you her email, so just PM me when possible.
  9. Thanks so much for your response, it really cheered me up. As much as I would like to stand up against this BS, I've ultimately decided to fold because it's really just an uphill battle against my teacher for the right to exhibit the piece in its current state. She suggested altering a printed version of the photo to make it a message against censorship, so I'm going to try and work with that idea - even though it's distorting the intended aesthetic of the piece. At the very least this experience has driven me to pursue even more nude-centred artwork, and I've recently started on a 3D series that works around this concept. Hopefully the IB will lay some groundwork on the issue soon.
  10. Ok so I'm stuck in a really annoying situation in my arts class. Basically over the course of the past year I've been producing pieces (mainly photographs) that include nude models and have encountered a few problems with my school when I expressed that I wanted to include these photographs in my final exhibition. Basically I was told to alter the pieces or I wouldn't be able to submit them. Whilst I understand they probably want to appease everyone (teachers, parents who may see the exhibit etc.) and avoid any sort of social faux pas, frankly, I found the experience to be patronizing both towards myself and the potential audience. Even more so because the images aren't sexual (no genitals are even visible) and they aren't even really "nude" because they are covered in body paint. Further, no other students found any issue with the images. Also the model is of legal age, gave permission to exhibit and all that jazz. Does anyone know if there are any official IBO rules on nudity in exhibition pieces? In general I really want to hear your opinion on the issue, for example do you think it was a different media the response would be different?
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