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  1. Hey guys, I'm about to start my IB's next year, but there's one last thing in my way. The IGCSE session coming up in a weeks time. For those of you who chose economics during your IGCSE's, how was the examiner's marking in the Economics long question paper, are they lenient or more towards the strict side? (i.e do they completely follow the mark scheme or they allow leeway if they think your point is valid). I would really like to know as no one from my school has much of an idea. However, my Economics teacher did say that they will consider giving marks for valid points though, and that you can achieve development points even if you did not mention the main point/theory. Anyways, it would be great to hear from you guys. (Btw. I found this site for IB papers, has everything *cut*) Please do not share illegal past papers on this website. - mac117
  2. Hey guys, I'm about to start IB in August this year, theres a few questions I would like to ask you guys about. 1. Is choosing relevant IB subjects important towards what I would like to study at university? Or is IB scores more important? 2. Do you think it's reasonable for a student to choose a subject that they have never studied before for IB? For example, do you think choosing Geography HL for IB is wise when the student have never studied Geography during IGCSE 3. What subjects for IB should I choose in order to increase my chances of studying business/finance in University? I'm still unsure about my abilities currently as I have increased my effort levels for this year substantially, as a result, I am getting score 2 grade boundaries than last year in most subjects. Here are my current selections for IB (1 HL and 1 SL not decided) 1. Chinese B HL 2. English SL (Not sure) 3. Math SL 4. Econ HL Thanks guys, any help is appreciated