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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if having only articles as source materials is fine? Will they penalize you if you don't have a variety of text types as your source texts? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I have a question for the LAQs in general: How long do they usually are? And if you have a lot of ideas and content relevant to the question and it is not repetitive, can it be over 1000 words? Also, how do you guys usually go about writing them in the first place? Do you just read the content and begin? What are your tips? Thanks a lot
  3. Hello everyone! Could you please tell me how to get a 10/10 presentation? I'm pretty hopeless because in my last presentation I have been really philosophical, and I don't know what to do. Do you have any recent samples that got an A? Please help.
  4. Hello, How can you write an evaluative reflection in the planning and progress form in less than 500 words? I just find it so difficult because I just have so much to say and I am not sure how to shorten it.
  5. Hello guys, I have an urgent question about carboxylic acids. Which one of them has the strongest positive inductive effect? I know propanoic acid has a greater pKa than butanoic and pentanoic acids, but does that mean that it has the greatest positive inductive effect(if you consider methanoic, ethanoic, propanoic, butanoic and pentanoic acids)? Please help me i'm so confused.
  6. Hey guys, I have 3 different enthalpy values with 3 different absolute uncertainties. So if I calculate the average enthalpy, how do I get my uncertainty?
  7. Hey guys, I'm soo confused about the absolute uncertainties that I really am hopeless. How do you do your uncertainties for calorimetry? I have used a pipette (twice) for volume measurement, and then I used a temperature probe with additional uncertainty. But given that you multiply temperature with the mass(deriving from the volume of solutions if you are using acids and bases and you assume that they are mostly water), how do you calculate the % uncertainty? Do you add the percentages, do you multiply them or what? And also what is the absolute uncertainty? I thought that you get absolute uncertainty when you multiply the total percentage uncertainty(when you add the two percentage uncertainties) which is in form of a fraction with the actual enthalpy value that you obtain? But is this even correct? Please help me!
  8. Hey guys, So I have done an experiment on calorimetry, but I don't know how exactly you can show personal interest in the introduction. Do you have any guidelines for showing personal engagement in introduction? Thanks.
  9. My teacher told me that they are prohibited, but the thing is that I have a lot of graphs(for calculating the enthalpy change) that I need to show (there are some 15 graphs as I have 5 conditions with 3 trials each). What would be the best thing to do? Would it be better to put them in the actual body(but I think it will detract from communication), or leave them in an appendix(and try to squeeze them on fewer pages)? Thanks again for helping me.
  10. Oh, and also, I have another question: Are appendices allowed?
  11. Oh, thank you a lot. And yes, it would really help me to see an example. Where can this be downloaded? Thanks again.
  12. Hello guys, I don't know how to shorten my IA, I feel like it is concise enough, but I have also so many graphs that have to be included, and will it be okay if I reduce their size? How did you guys make it fit into your page limit? Please share any advice, thanks.
  13. Hi guys, so currently, I'm doing my FOA on use of persuasive language in advertising in a form of an analytical presentation, and I would like to know what would make my presentation a level 7 one because I really need it? Does anyone have their own tips from their personal experience? I have currently 4 adverts in total that I wish to compare. Thanks :)
  14. Hey guys, so here is the thing: our teacher at school is very bad, she isn't practicing with us any questions, and she's just waffling about personal topics every lesson. Yet when we give in any essays at all, she always gives a 5 saying there is not enough critical thinking even though there is evaluation. My worry is that if it goes on like this without any intervention or action, I will fail my exam just because she wastes my time every lesson and believe me , WE DO NOT COVER ANYTHING, and are jumping from one topic to another. So my question is; Do you guys have samples of excellent long answer questions(essays) for paper 1 and options, and which resources would you recommend for the best preparation? Also, is there any teacher with lots of experience that I could pay to have a look at my essays and grade them like a real examiner? Please guys, give me some advice, any resources, websites, opinions, help, because I feel like I'm drowning! Thanks.
  15. Hi guys, I have performed an experiment on enthalpy change of neutralization, and I'm wondering which uncertainties do I have to calculate and how, because I'm so confused and our teacher did not give us guidelines. Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance.
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