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  1. Hey all, I desperately need help for my Biology IA. So I'm measuring the content of sugar in bananas with the use of Benedict's test. However, I have problems with the quantitative data because I can only get an approximate value for the results because it's more qualitative and can be obtained by observation rather than calculations. Can a good IA be produces with not much quantitative data? What do you think? I'm aiming for a 6 so that's why I really want to do my IA good. Thank you in advance
  2. Hey I was just interested in how can your grades change from first to last term of first year? What's the highest that you can change? For example, is it possible to have a 7 in the end if you had 5 in the first term?
  3. Hey Can someone who has global politics be good enough to help me with something I have to do for my class? Thank you in advance
  4. Hello everyone, So, I'm enrolled in the IB since this year. However, even though I was pretty sure about my subjects in the beginning I'm a little bit struggling now and I need help. I wasn't sure what I want to study but during winter break I've decided that I like biochemistry. That means I need to switch Chemistry SL to HL (uni requirements).For now, I have the following subjects: ENGLISH LANG AND LIT HL FRENCH B SL GLOBAL POLITICS HL (going to switch to SL) BIOLOGY HL CHEMISTRY SL MATH SL All of my subjects are fine for now, but I have some problems with Global Politics. I'm not so good at it. I don't know if I should switch to Econ SL or just try harder and do my best in Global Politics. Can someone tell me how hard is it to get a 7 in Global Politics or Econ on the exams? Keep in mind that I've already finished first term so I have to work on everything I've missed during that time.
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