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  1. Hey! I live in Canada and I also really want to go to UBC and I know that they do value IB more than other universities do. However, if you are getting high marks without IB, I think they will still accept you.
  2. Ok thank u so much!! By revise, do you mean re-read notes or study? And which is harder, bio or chem?
  3. Hi so im in grade 10 right now and I have to pick my courses for IB soon. I want to attend university somewhere in the UK (for medicine) and I was looking at the requirements and they require you to take HL bio and HL chem. (I'm taking grade 11 physics next semester) My school discourages taking 2 HL sciences because they said it would be too hard How hard is it? Is it manageable? Would it be possible to get a level 6 or 7 in the course? (I have a 90% in science right now) Do you regret taking it? Thanks!!!