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  1. Yes, they were sooooooooooooooooo much harder but I don't think the boundaries will go down because a 49% was a 7 last year.
  2. I have an I phone but can I download your app onto my laptop; its a Toshiba Windows 8?
  3. Does anyone have notes or study tips for Amharic (HL or SL)? The subject is under 'Language A Literature' and its on Wednesday May 10, 2017. Any websites, notes... would be useful. Thanks!
  4. Depends on how you examine it. For instance, for my IA my topic was: " Does distance from the central area of Addis Ababa affect the level of urban stress present?" which was built around the concept of environmental sustainability. The answer you're probably looking for: obviously you'd need to broaden your topic but its a good start!!!
  5. If anyone is cramming for CUEGIS at the moment, check out tutor2u. I've got 6 hours till my exam and I think I might pass with the help of this -> https://www.tutor2u.net/business/blog/ib-diploma-business-management-introducing-our-cuegis-resource-channels
  6. Pay back period and break even output (as well as target profit and so on...)
  7. Do you have an actual or practice essay written in this format ( not necessarily this topic) ?
  8. At this point, I'm going in with the studying I did back in January for mocks.
  9. Does anyone think we'll be asked to draw the the organizational charts John sketched, like a decision tree of which option is better?
  10. I still have no idea what secondary quotes are and my exams are next week!!! Does anyone know how to apply secondary quotes in the English lang and lit HL paper 2 essay???? as a matter of fact anything about secondary quotes...
  11. Does anyone know if we're allowed to use other companies as reference in the Utopia section C 20 mark essay? I wanted to use Shea Moisture as an example if John were to obtain external stakeholders??? two days left!!!
  12. So all year round our English teacher has been urging us to include secondary quotes in our Paper 2 essays. The whole class never understood what these quotes were and frankly we still don't! Does anyone know what exactly these quotes are and if so, which websites do I get it from? Also, are these quotes taken from articles and reviews written by other people or... Help!
  13. About to take my mocks in 2 hours! Thank you! this really helped!!!
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