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  1. Hi Ribic, You don't have to derive your own formulas as that would require close to God level skill. Haha. But what I did was to derive the formula that was given in the Theory itself. This is to show some form of understanding of the equation and theory. Application wise, I studied a particular shop and basically applied the equations. Do lots of reading. It'll be frustrating but be patient. Watch videos and read. Commit one while day for that at least. Or maybe even a week. Search up on academic papers too. Understand the topic and draft out a skeleton for your IA before reading samples of IA. Because if you read samples too early, you'll get a mental block as to how to create your own original Queueing Theory IA. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi all I have actually chosen to do question 1 and came up with an essay plan for it already. Unfortunately, the plan couldn't make it and my teacher suggested me to try question 5. “Too much relevant knowledge in a field might be a hindrance to the production of knowledge in that field” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge. I'm starting on the essay plan and am seriously stuck with no ideas. I was thinking maybe I could go with the counter-argument where knowledge may not be needed at all to hinder the production of knowledge or too much knowledge from another AOK would hinder the production of knowledge in another AOK. As for the argument, I can't think of any examples. Any prompting or advice you can give me? My mind is currently in a mental block. Or any links for me to visit?
  3. Hi, I'm not a language person, neither do I write blogs, but I am doing a blog format for my written task. No matter how bloggy I tried to make it. My teacher still says that it sounds like an analysis. Any tips on how to write a blog while still being able to analyze the text?
  4. Yes, I did manage to do it. It is tough, but a lot of reading and UNDERSTANDING is required. Try reading up the basics first such as M/M/1.
  5. Hi, I'm thinking of doing an IA on projectile motion of an arrow. However, I thought that finding the optimal angle to get the maximum range was too simple. So I thought of finding the relationship between the crosswind speed and the angle required to aim off to hit the centre of the target. I'm not exactly sure if this is feasible enough for an HL Physics IA. Can I get your opinions and suggestion on how I should improve or do this IA? For the experimental part, I'm still not sure how I am going to do it but I'm still thinking. If there are any sample IAs on projectile motions please share it with me if it's ok with you. Thank You!
  6. Finally found an IA Topic after weeks of researching. Planned to do something on queuing theory. Read through it and understood that it's mainly calculation with arrival rate, time to wait before reaching the end of queue etc. (Correct me if I'm wrong). I'm just not sure how an IA is supposed to look like when applying queue theory. Choose a situation and start investigating the values? Is it just that? Is there suppose to be more to it than just calculations. Just felt quite sceptical and had to ask. Anyone out there who has done queuing theory before is kind enough to share with me your experience or even example IAs? And also any other tips to find new topics if mine is not feasible and tips while doing my IAs? Like what to focus on? Any Sample IAs are welcome Thank You so Much!
  7. Hi I Still have no idea how an IA is supposed to be like for physics. Do y'all have any examples or other documents like marking scheme whatsoever? If so could you share it with me? And also share with me some tips on finding a new topic. Thank you SO much!
  8. Hi! I am tasked to complete a draft IA. And I thought of doing a model for traffic jams. Did my research which brings me to traffic flow theory which is super complicated and hard to understand. Anybody has any experience in this? Could you share with me some notes or tips? I also did think of finding a new topic which is killing me so bad. Any ideas?
  9. Hi! I'm planning on testing the BOD of water for my Chemistry HL IA. My school is missing a chemical called Alkaline Iodide Azide. I asked the school and even did my own research on where to get sodium azide but it seems impossible. Also, the incubator reaches only as low as 32 degrees and room temperature is 25 degrees. I require storing the water at 20 degrees but am still finding solutions to this. I thought of using a mixture of potassium iodide and potassium hydroxide with the absence of azide which is required to eliminate nitrite interference with the iodide ions. Anyone out there has any tips? Solutions for me? Recommendations? Or can anyone who has done Winkler method help me? Is there also a method to test for nitrite. I thought of testing the water for nitrite as well if my substitute potassium mixture actually works. Thank You very much!
  10. Hi everyone, My SL Chinese B IB Exam is next Monday and I'm still not ready for a seven. Anyone out there has any tips to share for Chinese B Paper 1 and Paper 2. Or even notes on simple phrases to use to help? Thank You!
  11. Hi! Any examples of TOK slides? I want to see an example as I have never seen one before. Would it be ok if you would just share with me yours? Thank You!
  12. I must admit that I'm a guy who just can't commit to studying. Any tips for studying different subjects? Even a small bit is fine :). I'm taking PHYSICS, CHEM, MATH HL and ENG, CHI, ECONOMICS SL Thank You!
  13. I'm thinking of doing an IA involving traffic jams. Specifically, when cars are crossing from country to country which requires customs check and clearance. I'm not sure if I would be able to model it or at least predict the waiting time to reach the checking officer. I'm not sure also where and what theories do I research on. Traffic Flow Theory? Queue Theory? Continuity Equation? Please help me out if you guys know what this issue is linked to what so ever theories and equations that I can research on or if there are any tips. Thank you.
  14. I'm required to do a TOK presentation simulating the real life TOK Presentation.However, I'm still confused on how to make the flow of the slides and how it should be done with what kind of sources. I did clarify with my teacher and friends but I'm still having doubts. My current understanding is to find a Real Life Situation (RLS) and craft a Knowledge Question (KQ) which I did already and checked with my teacher. And what I understood on what to do next is to find other RLS to support and counterclaim and answer the KQ eventually with these claims. And I know I also gotta explain how I craft my KQ. I'm still not sure if I got this right, if so or not, can you guys let me know? Thank You!!!
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