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  1. Hi everyone, My SL Chinese B IB Exam is next Monday and I'm still not ready for a seven. Anyone out there has any tips to share for Chinese B Paper 1 and Paper 2. Or even notes on simple phrases to use to help? Thank You!
  2. Hi! Any examples of TOK slides? I want to see an example as I have never seen one before. Would it be ok if you would just share with me yours? Thank You!
  3. I must admit that I'm a guy who just can't commit to studying. Any tips for studying different subjects? Even a small bit is fine :). I'm taking PHYSICS, CHEM, MATH HL and ENG, CHI, ECONOMICS SL Thank You!
  4. ooooh Thanks for the tip!
  5. I'm thinking of doing an IA involving traffic jams. Specifically, when cars are crossing from country to country which requires customs check and clearance. I'm not sure if I would be able to model it or at least predict the waiting time to reach the checking officer. I'm not sure also where and what theories do I research on. Traffic Flow Theory? Queue Theory? Continuity Equation? Please help me out if you guys know what this issue is linked to what so ever theories and equations that I can research on or if there are any tips. Thank you.
  6. I'm required to do a TOK presentation simulating the real life TOK Presentation.However, I'm still confused on how to make the flow of the slides and how it should be done with what kind of sources. I did clarify with my teacher and friends but I'm still having doubts. My current understanding is to find a Real Life Situation (RLS) and craft a Knowledge Question (KQ) which I did already and checked with my teacher. And what I understood on what to do next is to find other RLS to support and counterclaim and answer the KQ eventually with these claims. And I know I also gotta explain how I craft my KQ. I'm still not sure if I got this right, if so or not, can you guys let me know? Thank You!!!
  7. I'm doing Math Chem and Physics HL and also Economics SL. I really wanna do economics for EE and i know its not recommended doing SL for EE but i just wanna know if anyone else have done it and how's the end result. I'm interest in economics but i don't wish to continue it in university hence I chose SL. If there is any advice could you have please help me out here cause I really have no idea what to do. Thank you