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  1. well my EE topic is How does taxing on tobacco affect the tobacco industry in Bangladesh? would this be a plausible topic? if not, can u help me get one? .. im really desperate now
  2. kdk9008

    Helpful links

    i find it really helpful too because it is exactly the same as the syllabus however... sometimes i think that there is too much detail which kind of makes me worried
  3. you don't care about the grades? still.. look at your predicted scores they're all 7's except for one if you sit around all day doing nothing with six subjects, your time management skills must probably be close to 'perfect' so jealous of youu
  4. kdk9008

    Math, Econ or Bio EE subject?

    hmm yea..i think i'll do econ math just seems too challenging for me.. i gotta pick a topic now
  5. kdk9008

    Chem HL or Biology HL

    Do bio!! It seemed so hard and i regretted taking it in the beginning because i had to memorize everything and try to fit it in my head but as u keep learning it, it becomes easier as some of the old stuff come up again! furthermore, bio helps u more than chem in real-life
  6. kdk9008

    Helpful links

    http://www.patana.ac.th/secondary/science/Index.home.htm i find this bio site really helpful! anyways does anyone have more on history? i looked through all of them but some dont work ..
  7. for universities, how important are my school grades? is it possible to go to a good uni with average school grades and good IB grades??
  8. Our school has both A1 English HL and SL Well im taking HL though and its really fascinating how the teacher has so many things to talk about a tiny text i hope i'll be able to do that soon
  9. If you don't know the concept, the graphs seem really challenging but once you learn it, its really easy because most of the econ things are interrelated.. making it easier to understand other concepts easier once you know the basics same with graphs
  10. kdk9008

    How many people in your Maths class?

    There are like 12 in HL and a little more in SL in our school! our HL class is pretty big so the teacher has less time to spend on one person but i get less bored and can concentrate better in class
  11. I think 90 hours of service is required in our school.. and 30 action 30 creativity! and i don't think there is a boundary to how much one can have in one activity in service in our school well in action we can only get 20 hours max for an activity but i dun remember the Ib coordinator saying anything about that boundary in service maybe im wrong..
  12. i haven't yet decided on my EE subject. my possibilities are Math Economics Bio I personally do not love Bio so i would rather do mine on Math or Econ Point 1 I'm better at Math than Econ Point 2 but i like Econ more than Math Point 3 I once read an EE on Math (it got an A) and i got kinda scared because it seemed tooooo challenging for me (and math is my strongest subject ) Point 4 The bio EE seemed easier as it was more like a really long Lab report.. What do u guys think i should choose? I should have chosen it in a couple of weeks!! help help give me some tips s.v.p.
  13. Is it ok to finish the service hours with one or two things that i do continuously? Or would it be better to do diverse short-term services? I have lots of service hours already (Grade 11) and it will soon be over the expected amount but the problem is that I kinda feel worried that my service wasnt diverse enough because i only did 2 kinds In a way, it sounds better to stick to some things and do them continuously and in a way, it sounds better to venture diverse service activities what do u think is better?
  14. kdk9008

    Maths Textbooks

    We also use a Haese & Harris book and i find the book quite easy except a few problems that were really freaking me out (strange way of solving, requires bizzare thinking) our tests are textbook-based i think...
  15. I also write it as a diary format..but sometimes there is not much to write about when I basically do the same things as last time... By the way, how long are your CAS Journals? Mine is usually 1/3 or 1/2 a page (Font : Times New Roman, Size : 12, single spaced) would this suffice?

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