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  1. Cheryl1998


    I've already done my TOK Presentation and English B WA, I've also had IOP from Polish A and English B... Still I need to finish my chemistry IA (95% done), Polish A WA (95%), TOK essay (90% done), biology IA (80% done); and write the Physcis IA (0%), Maths IA (0%) and Extended Essay (0%).... I have no idea how I'll manage to find some time for revision before the May exams :(((( Do you have some ways to stop procrastinating? Whenever I try to start writing something, Facebook/ Youtube effectively disturbs me and I end my day with nothing done
  2. Soon I must submit one of my Internal Assessment Investigations. I've got a hopeless teacher, who not only has no idea about the subject, but also who really doesn't like me. When I gave her the draft of my Investigation, she crossed almost everything, saying 'it is all wrong or unnecessary'. I am sure it was not, as I was guided by the examples of works assessed and commented by IBO (she crossed even the things, which IBO requires). I am afraid she did it on purpose to decrease the quality of my IA. Now I suppose that while marking my work, she may be not objective and lower my grades significantly. In case when my IA is not sent for moderation, I will get a very low grade.... Is there such a possibility to ask IB for choosing my IA for moderation? Or is there any other way to somehow cope with this situation? Thanks for advices!

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