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  1. Here's my thought but I'm not sure, so you know how generally marginal profit peaks and then starts decreasing when there are too many workers. So perhaps the low interest rates are letting firms keep all employees as well as hire new ones which is thus causing marginal profit to decrease
  2. Here's what I suggest. Use Chris Paine powerpoints and IB Screwed Notes and also go over the syllabus. Then do all the past paper since the last syllabus change which was 2014 I think and do all the question bank questions and do these at least like 3 times. This will take time so dedicate an hour or two a day to studying biology.
  3. Do you mean for your IA? If so here's a helpful file that I found online POSSIBLE CHEMISTRY INTERNAL ASSESSMENT 2015 (3).docx
  4. What do you mean by policy change? For a macro IA I'd say the easiest two to do are inflation and unemployment
  5. I want to be a general surgeon, lets see how that goes
  6. Yeah of course, but then again it was my fault. I had a friend that slept like 12 hrs in a whole week during exams
  7. Biology: A lot of people think of bio as being an easy class and it honestly isn't that hard at SL, but HL gets quite difficult. However if you are good at memorising a 7 is achievable Chemistry: Don't underestimate how difficult this is. The first few topics are relatively easy so a lot of students slack and then struggle when they reach the harder topics. This requires a combination of math and memorisation skills History: I don't take this but I have heard that it's quite difficult and hard to get 7s or 6s in. Math: Take SL. I took HL even tho I don't need it and it started affected my other grades because I dedicated all my time to HL math. I get that you're worried about having limited options but don't forget you need to have an idea of what you wanna do because your extra curriculars and essay need to add to that. Also if you're applying to the US, it's possible to change pathways whilst in uni, and if you change ur mind in the first month or two of IB you can change your classes.