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  1. kankeel

    Advice for pre-ibers

    I am doing ib next year, do any of you have any advice for me? What some highlight, things you enjoyed?
  2. How do I in text reference in APA format this site http://theseedsite.co.uk/db21.html?
  3. What are some cool experiments involving water
  4. kankeel

    Turnitin question

    I submitted my business IA and turnit in said I have 8% similarity. How do I know this is not plagiarism? Will I be regarded to have plagiarised just because I have 8% similar to like 100 other pieces of work?
  5. kankeel

    Biology Extended Essay

    I am going to start Ib next year and I am thinking about my extended essay. I want to investigate the effect of fertiliser on seed germination in bio, but I don't know what reason I should write in my EE for why I want to do it. You know I just want to do it and that's it. Can someone please give me some help?
  6. kankeel

    Multiple questions about World Lit

    I am doing my world lit on the importance of view of life in two novels one of which is the outsider by camus. my thesis is that view of life play a significant role in contributing to the downfall of the character. I have written most of the esaay but I have ran out of steam. Can you guys if possible give me some sort of idea or point me in the right direction? Do any of you know where I can possibly find a free sample of a excellent world lit essay? My thesis is that character's view of life contribute significantly to the downfall of the character? What some example of world lit thesis?
  7. I have a lot of data for my EE and the number alot are already coutning up for 2000 words according to the word count. Do number count as part of the word count?
  8. Hey guys, I really need some help for my extended essay. I think I have to much data and I don't know how to present it so that I can start analyse in the word limit. I am studying the effect of different quantities (3 different volumes)of hormones on the seed germination of three different species at low temperature that is 25 below. So for one species I was testing the of 3 different type of volume of hormone on its % germination and rate for one temperature and then repeating the same procedure for the other temperatures. And then i am doing the same thing for the other two species. so you should be able to imagine the amount of data I have. I measured the rate using the data loggers and % germination. Do you guys know how i can present this visually so that I don't have to analyse like 10 graphs in 2000 words.
  9. kankeel

    Multiple questions about World Lit

    how do i reference a quote I took from the blurb?
  10. kankeel

    Multiple questions about World Lit

    i have been told by our teacher that World lit is not a research paper but recently he told us that we are allowed to do research provided we reference it. I have some biography of the authors and referenced my source both in the blibiography and in text. Will I be penalised my the examiner for quoting from the bibliography. I am afraid that they might think that I have got my ideas from the biography. I only use to try and some the intention of the author and to understand them. Please give me some sort of advise
  11. For my world lit, I have done in text referencing for my quote from the two novels I am comparing and included those in the bibliography. However, I just realized that I haven't done the incorrect reference and forgot to include in text reference for some of the quote but have included the two books in my bibliography. i have submitted it, will I be considered plagiarising if I forgot and done the wrong reference but included all my sources in my bibliography? Oh yeah, how do i in text reference a quote i took from the blurb

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