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  1. I’m just doing my UCAS application and for quite a few weeks now have gotten stuck on the uni choice (applying for a physics course). I’m predicted 37 points without bonus points and 6,6,5 (hl physics, chemistry and maths respectively). So far I was thinking St. Andrews, Manchester, Bath, nottingham and Leicester. But I’m not sure whether these are the most appropriate. Does anyone have any advice on better suited choices or about the physics courses and life in general at these unis?
  2. Hello, I am in the process of writing theory and planning part of my IA, ready to conduct the experiment beginning of September. I have chosen to replicate Loftus, Miller and Burns (1978). In this study the participants are show a series of 30 coloured slides depicting a red Datsun driving down a road, stopping by an intersection with wither a stop or yield sign (two conditions) and then getting into an accident with a pedestrian. I can not find the original slides (or any) online and have not actually seen them and so cannot be sure what the exact series of events is, thus I cannot make an animated replica of it. Has anyone else done this and has the slides? If not could you please advise me on how to proceed? Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Hello, I am planning on writing an EE in physics. My research question is "How does the intensity of cosmic rays vary over a day and 27 day period at sea level at 50º north". Would this be focused enough? I am going to use a webcam and an application which can sense the cosmic rays (with proper shielding it should only be one type) and log how many it detects. I have plenty of secondary data as well to compare to mine and use if my experiment doesn't work. My main concern is that I am not quite sure how to write the essay. I have read the IB guide and one we recieved from our school but I am still not sure what it should contain. Should there be any theory about cosmic rays and particle physics or should it all just be about the experiment? Can I talk about the impact of cosmic rays? My supervisor told me that the essay should be about 2/3 essay (ie. theory) and 1/3 experiment. But from what I've read it seems that everything should revolve around the experiment, or is this just my misunderstanding? I would be very grateful for any advice given on this subject. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello, I have written my IA on complex numbers in which I included the "Phantom Graphs" and DeMoivre's theorem. We have had our first draft and my teacher told me what I thought she would, that a) the ideas don't connect and b) its not long enough. I have a couple weeks to complete it and I am panicking as I have no idea what to do with it now. I would like to add some information about the applications of hyperbolic functions of complex numbers and something about Euler's formula, but I don't know how to do it. I know I can't just write out proofs for all this as I might as well have copied that from a book. And so what do I do with the hyperbolic functions?
  5. Hi, I started the IB this year when I moved rob england and took English A, however the only one that our school offers is the literature. The problem is that I have never done any literature (in my native language or English) or literary analysis. For the works in translation this was ok and I managed to get by, however as we have started to analyse The Great Gatasby and Heart of Darkness I find myself completely lost. We were supposed to analyse a section of text paper 1 style however I don’t even know where to start or how to write it. I don’t really know any literary devices or what they to to the meaning to the text. Could anyone advise me on what to do, are there any helpfull websites or books that I could use to improve?
  6. Hello, I am doing my Maths exploration on complex numbers and I am about half finished and I want to explore the trigonometric and hyperbolic functions of complex numbers as well as the integration (and possibly logs) however I don't quite know what to do with it. As I can find the cos of a complex number but what then? Roots can be shown on an Argand diagram but the trigonometric functions usually just give rise to triangles with legs longer than the hypotenuse and complex angles. Could anyone advise me on how to proceed?
  7. Hello, I'm in the first year of the IB and am writing my maths IA. As we aren't going to learn about complex numbers until much later I was allowed to write my IA about them even though they are in the course. I would like to include applications or uses of complex numbers, for example, Euler's Formula, fractals, De Moivre's Theorem or possibly some other applications (I have yet to do more research). My problem is that in order for the essay to be understandable to my target audience ie. my classmates who have not learned about complex numbers yet, I will have to include addition, multiplication, division of complex numbers as well and I'm worried that it will just look as if it had been taken straight from a textbook. Additionally although I am very interested in the topic I don't quite now how to display sufficient "personal engagement". Could anyone advise me on how to proceed with this project?
  8. Hi, I'm just looking for a topic for my exploration and would like to do something to do with Eulers identity but I'm not quite sure what, maybe some applications , but I dont want to make it just look like a textbook explanation of it. It has to be suitable for the HL curriculum, does anyone have any ideas? Is investigating Eulers identity even a suitable topic?
  9. Long story short I'm having to skip to years of school, I am in MYP 3 now and will be attending IB next year where I will take Spanish SL. My Spanish is pretty good but there is a lot of information we haven't yet covered. My biggest concern is listening exercises so do you know any good website where I can find Spanish listening exercises complete with questions?
  10. Hi guys, Im currently living in Slovakia where we have a slightly different education system to the one in England, specifically we go to school later than kids in England and so finish school much older. I am 15 now and in MYP 3, next year we are moving to England and I have already been accepted to an IB school. Unfortunately they wont let me into the MYP and are sending me straight to the IB. I am going to take HL Math (I need it for what I want to study at uni). I am going to skip 2 years (MYP 4, MYP 5) and finally coming to my question: What should I do to prepare for HL Math? Are there any review guides which would fill in the missing knowledge? Any that you could recommend?
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