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  1. Aquí está mi evaluación interna de historia HL. Obtuvo 21 puntos de 25.
  2. Muestra de Evaluación Interna de Historia HL View File Aquí está mi evaluación interna de historia HL. Obtuvo 21 puntos de 25. Submitter Natalia Hess Submitted 03/06/2018 Category Sample Internal Assessments  
  3. Natalia Hess

    Does going to the gym count as CAS?

    I went to the gym for a semester and it definitely counts as CAS. Your supervisor would be the same that oversees the rest of your CAS activities. However, you might need to provide evidence that you are going to the gym regularly in order to get approval. In my case, I asked my trainer to sign a sheet all of the hours that I did in the gym. I hope this helps!
  4. Natalia Hess

    I need help with finding a poem (for IOP)

    If you are looking for good poems to analyse for your IOP, I would suggest you to look into Carol Ann Duffy's collection "The World's Wife". It has really great poems that are very easy to understand and contain many different stylistic devices that you could analyse in your presentation. Good luck!
  5. Hello! I think you have good ideas, but you do need to develop them further regardless of which one you choose. If I had to vote, I would choose the third question. I think it would be a great idea to compare both movies and their portrayal of the characters. Yet, you should delimit your question more. Perhaps you could elaborate on how they interact through similar dynamics regarding friendship or other aspect. Although your topic is interesting, I don't know if it covers the requirements of an English EE. I advise you to read the EE guide to make sure that you are fulfilling the demands of the EE in this subject. Good luck!
  6. Hello! I think your research question is great! It will help you fulfill all the requirements for your EE. I do recommend a thorough reading of the EE guide. Good luck! Guide_Extended_essay First exam 2018.pdf Studies in language and literature.pdf
  7. Natalia Hess

    written task

    Hi! It really depends on whether you are writing a Written Task 1 or a Written Task 2. If you are taking HL Arabic you must write both a WT1 and a WT2, whereas you only need to write the WT1 if you're taking it at SL. WT1 must be a creative text in which you must prove that you understand the course work and the conventions of the specific text type you decided to write. The WT2 is a critical response to one or more texts in which you must answer one of the six prescribed questions from the guide.

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