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  1. Im planning to go to mainly the universities in the US and Canada, do they usually require chemistry for CS major?
  2. Hi guys So I'm currently applying for DP course next year, and really indecisive whether to choose chemistry SL or computer science SL. In the future I planned to study computer science major. So is chemistry a prerequisite course for university computer science major? I know chemistry is a core subject but I just hate it so much, instead so passionate and willing to study computer science. So long story shorts, shall I go with computer science SL or chemistry SL for my next DP year? my current course choices: Math HL Econ HL Physics HL(our school dont offer comp sci HL) Chemistry SL/Computer science SL Mandarin SL English SL much thanks!!
  3. Thank you so much for your reply! So like if I am taking economics hl instead and competing with someone else who takes chem hl instead of economics, for like computer science or electronic engineering majors. Would his chem hl puts him into a more advantageous position than me?
  4. Hey Guys, im currently in grade 10 and currently selecting my courses for dp. In the future, I want to study majors like computer science, software, computer or electronic engineering(Possibly). So I am currently planning to take math physics and chemistry for my HL courses. However personally im just not into chem and doesn't really have much passion to study chem in depth. I just wonder if chemistry is HL really required for my desired uni majors? And is taking both physics and chem hl really hard and exhausting? Would switching the chem hl to economics hl put me into disadvantages when applying for those listed university majors? Much appreciated!!!!! ps: Im currently planning to go to uni in possibly UK, US or Canada.