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  1. Thank you guys That was helpful! I was feeling lost Now I know how to deal with german.
  2. Hi! I take German B HL and sadly my vocabulary knowledge is pretty narrow. So I need tips for studying vocabulary. Our teacher doesn't give us vocabulary lists or other materials for idioms etc. So first of all, I need a vocabulary list. Does anybody have a recommandation. Maybe a website or a pdf document? I would also appreciate any other studyp tips for learning new words. Thanks!
  3. When it's normal to sleep at 4.00 am When your jokes are only IB related...
  4. Hi everyone! Quick question about Internal Assessment format. Our school told us that our candidate code shouldn't be on the cover page of our assessments. However it should be on the header of every page. I am confused! Different teachers say different things. Which format is true? Please help! Thanks
  5. I think I already am too late to start my Maths IA. But I am still struggling about finding a good topic to write. Do you guys have any good topic ideas? Let me know thanks
  6. Hey! I'm thinking of starting my assessments before it gets too late. As I was searching for topics, I've found a good one which got my attention. "The comparison of the free caffeine amount in Turkish coffee and Red Bull" is the topic I want to write about. But as I had a discussion with my friend who also takes chemistry, I had a doubt about my choice. Do you guys think that the topic I have chosen is enough according to the IB standards? Or is it weak? Should it be better or more complicated? Please help me or tell me your thoughts about it! Thank you
  7. Hey, I am planning to study med as well. I am learning German for 11 years and I'm aiming to be applied to the Heidelberg University (Germany). I suggest you to check their website: http://www.uni-heidelberg.de/index_e.html I don't exactly know if there is an oppurtunity to study in English but the prices per semester are not so high and it's better to have different options right? Give it a chance! I hope that it will be useful for you
  8. This topic actually bothers me a lot! As I asked before to my CAS Coordinator, I've learned that teaching what you know to someone else can be counted as Service. But the person you are teaching must be someone you didn't know before. So she said, that the people I will be helping shouldn't be my friends or my relatives etc. For me this rule is prettty unnecessary. CAS is about helping the others without any expectations or profit right? I really love doing CAS activities but these types of rules make me feel limited. IB is about "Getting out of your comfort zone" I know, but for me there is no difference between teaching an instrument or a language to someone I know or somone I just met. They are both equally challenging and helpful. So what is the point here? I just wanted to know your thoughts about this situation. Did you guys have trouble with this type of rules? Am I wrong to think this way? Let me know
  9. Hi everyone! I am new here and i just started the IB diploma programe. As I can see from many of you CAS is the biggest struggle of IB. Well, I need your help guys! Finding CAS ideas that have the possibility to be accepted as actual CAS activities is harder than i thought. My CAS coordinator must have sworn to God not to accept any of my ideas. So yeah, I really need some advices. I have started playing tennis, I am learning to play piano, I am designing and editing the school magazine, I ran a marathon volunteerly to create the awareness of the animals that are in danger, I am preparing with my classmates a theater play and we are planning to perform on stage, I am dancing and going to perform in front of the school... I am out of ideas. Please help me or give me some advice. I would appreciate any kind of ideas. Thank you:)
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