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  1. Hi all and thanks in advance for your help. Are any of you doing only the Certificates programme and if yes, what do you expect to be doing (type of studies / job) later on? What is typically the outlook for a student with only 5 certificates, all at SL? What would be the logical follow-on path? Thanks for your answers!
  2. Thanks all. We do have 2 more years to decide between local school and our fantastic IB school. I'll go on reading your forum to have a better idea of what this diploma involves.
  3. Many thanks for the advice. This ''ib survival'' community is really very helpful. Good luck to all! (If other passer-bys want to give me their own feeling or share experience of how likely a very average student is to pass the diploma - certificates would not do - please be welcome, I need good reasons to hope for the best).
  4. Many thanks for your answer it's nice of you to take the time. As things are difficult for her she finds school days are exhausting - working a lot at home to compensate is all the more unlikely. I am scared IB is not for her, however this program is also very interesting and delivered in a school where teachers are kind, caring, helpful - while our local system is about crushing and eliminating the kids. The exams are objectively slightly easier but the environment is terrible and making the best of one's abilities is almost impossible. Daughter is adhd and dyslexic.
  5. Hi and sorry for a very basic question. From what I hear, and read on this forum, the IBD is very challenging, suited to hard-working bright all-rounders. But is this when you want to get very good grades, how achievable is it for a very weak student to just pass the IBD with the minimum number of points? Soon my daughter will need to decide between the local system which is crap and really not good for her (and losing her friends and teachers she trusts), or continue in her international school that prepares only to the IB. She would need to just pass. But she is very weak, how achievable is the diploma for such a profile? Thanks for your feedback.

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