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  1. i want to do someting about the charleston shooting for my tok presentation but i am having trouble coming up with a knoeledge qestion and relating it to ways/area of knowledge. i want to discuss something about the facct that he was mentally ill and how he still had a gun warrant, but i dont know what else to do from here. can someone help me out with expanding on this presentation? thanks!!
  2. I want to do a TOK presentation on racial profiling and generalizations. my real life example would be a specific instance of racial profiling at an airport, but i am confused on how to analyze this with the ways and areas of knowledge. my knowledge question is probably going to be something about how much of our knowledge is based off of generalizations. how should i go about the rest of this?
  3. I have an IOP soon and I am very confused on what topic I should have. I am doing it on a book that is centered around living through the holocaust in world war 2, and I want to do something about the history and politics associated with it but I have no direction as to how to go about it. More than that, even if I had a topic, I dont know how I can make this presentation creative and interactive with the audience. This is my first IOP, someone help
  4. I just transferred from an AP to an IB school my junior year of high school, so as you can imagine it's been a bit difficult adjusting to the way IB tests. I did my first IOP for my HL English class and I honestly didn't even think I did that bad but I GOT A 4. I got in the 7-8 range for knowledge and understanding of work, but my presentations and language scores were what brought me down. How can I improve to do better next time? I imagined that there'd be more focus on what I talked about in my presentation, but it seemed like the emphasis was on other presentation etiquette stuff????
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