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  1. If I have any relevant information that I paraphrased from a source, do I need to cite it iif I have used it in my abstract? What if it is info that I have included in my intro
  2. Our TOK teacher told us that we need to explore at-least 2 KQs in an essay. So how do you get multiple KQs so that you do not deviate from the prescribed topic. I was thinking of having a central KQ ,and then also having a supporting KQ about personal and shared knowledge. However, how can I include personal and shared KQ for any topic? And if not, how can I have another KQ?
  3. For the physic IA, what should the structure of the introduction be? I know that 1)the design & method,2) the theory& background, 3)Method and materials needs to be there. But what is the order of them all? and how detailed should the descriptions be?
  4. I got my TOK presentation coming up and im stuck at the planning. So my question is that do I really need to include any WOKs in my presentation. I have used a couple of AOKs (and have explored a few more to show how conclusion fits to other RLSs). But I cannot seem to fit any WOKs in because my persepctives do not direct me to any. So can I just explore the different perspectives from different AOKs only. Or do I have to have WOKs also??
  5. Hey kw0573, thanks for your help. I got one question. Is there a formula (or can we derive it) to model how the intensity varies with the latitude (slant). For example, if I have, say 2 Watts/sq.m of intensity at equator, do u know how i can derive the a function to calculate what the power will be at say 45 deg. latitude north?
  6. T further we go north or south (increase in absolute latitude), the temperature drops right. They say this is because the sunlight falls at a greater slant as you go towards poles. So does that mean that the temperature is related to the latitude or the slope (derivative) of that latitude point?
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